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Do you struggle with:

  • Promoting your practice on social media?

  • Getting referrals from doctors?

  • Using digital marketing to capture leads on your website?

This free ebook will give you answers to all of these problems and give you new ideas to promote your brand.

Fall is a great time to ramp up your marketing and get ready for the holiday rush. Download your free ebook now!









What you will learn in our ebook for marketing your medical practice:

  1. Merchandise Marketing Ideas
  2. Ecommerce Ideas
  3. Utlizing Your Website
  4. Content Marketing Ideas
  5. Social Media Ideas
  6. Community Management Ideas
  7. Client Marketing Ideas
  8. Email Marketing & Automation Ideas
  9. Business Development & Marketing Ideas

Here's a snippet from the Social Media Ideas for marketing your medical practice:

Social Media Ideas

42. Use your social media accounts to highlight local events like charity fundraisers, which helps establish your business as a good neighbor in the community.

43. If you don’t have the money to hire a social media expert, concentrate your efforts where it makes sense for your business. For example, if you run a medi-spa, visuals are key, so consider focusing on Instagram, which can be a powerful tool for showcasing your products and treatments.

44. Consolidate your social media strategy. If you find social media too time consuming to manage, focus on one or two outlets, like Facebook and Instagram (depending on your audience). It’s better to do a few things well and gain your customers’ trust than spread yourself too thin by being unresponsive.

45. [PRO TIP ] Create social images for your highest performing offers and develop a promotion schedule. 

46. Get a Pinterest business account. You get extra functionality like a Save It button on your website, Pinterest Analytics, Promoted Pins, and Rich Pins.

47. Run an experiment on a social network you don’t have a strong presence on. For example, try out video ad campaigns on Facebook.

48. Try a Facebook livestream (Facebook’s algorithm ranks these higher than regular content!)

49. [PRO TIP ] Partner with “influencers” on social media campaigns. Studies have found that millennials trust expert opinions from “strangers” over brands (and even their friends) when it comes to making purchasing decisions.

50. Use social media as a customer service channel. One-third of social media users would rather reach out to a brand on social media for customer service. People are pleasantly surprised to know that there is an actual person listening to their questions, comments, and concerns on social media. 

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