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courtney boatin

Courtney Boatin


What do We want?

Probably the same thing you do. A long term relationship where we can get to know each other’s business, and each other. We want to be part of your success. We want to be part of your story. We also want you to be part of ours. Before we take on a new client, we ask ourselves one question; do we have the potential to turn our partnership into a case study, an award, or portfolio feature?

Our Owner, Courtney Boatin, began this journey by gaining client marketing experience as an Account Manager with Johnson & Johnson for 7 years, serving General Motors and Ford, before starting Outlet Creative Group in 2008. 

Outlet Creative Group began as a graphic design and website design agency but quickly we began to see our clients needed more to achieve their online goals. Enter Inbound Marketing. We set out on a knowledge seeking path of reading, studying, test taking, certifying, and loving every minute of learning inbound marketing, sales enablement, and digital advertising.

Our brains are now bursting with marketing knowledge and we want to share it with you.

The Team

Outlet Creative Group works with a number of high-quality partners to ensure the success of your project. We hire the best SEO experts, content writers, and website developers. We’ve got you covered.

Outlet Creative Group is a full-service digital marketing and website design agency located in Jackson, Michigan. Beginning with the end in mind, we put together a comprehensive custom website design strategy for each client that will help you attract new prospects, sell more services, and develop the tools necessary to create a steady flow of new residents, all with ROI as the primary focus. This is what makes us the best choice for senior living marketing.

Beginning in 2015, Outlet partnered with HubSpot. HubSpot works with over a thousand marketing agencies that resell and use HubSpot software. Beyond just being a software, HubSpot is an amazing company with amazing people. Founded in 2006, HubSpot has over 500 employees, services over 10,000 companies in 56 countries.

Are You Ready for Better Senior Living Marketing?

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