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Assisted Living Sales

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Sales Enablement

Today’s marketplace has drastically changed. The old interruptive sales and marketing tactics, like door-to-door sales, cold calling, mailed brochures, and TV and radio commercials aren’t working anymore. If you want to stay relevant and profitable and really see a great ROI on your marketing and sales budget in today’s market, then it’s time to embrace inbound sales and marketing—but is your sales team ready?


SMarketing is the alignment and connection between sales and marketing. Since Sales and Marketing work closely together in most assisted living organizations, it’s often typical for these two revenue generating groups to be in conflict with one another. The typical battle looks like this: Sales complains that Marketing isn’t generating enough quality leads, and Marketing criticizes Sales for not working their leads hard enough. But if you improve SMarketing at your company, you’ll spend less time bickering and more time closing business -- in harmony and revenue.


Good marketing results drive participation from the sales team. And once you have marketing and sales working together, you’re practically destined for greatness.

Outlet Creative Group has a proven process to get your marketing and sales teams to come together to define a goal, a target buyer, and a content strategy so that your assisted living community can experience a growth transformation.


The most successful companies know that sales enablement will increase efficiencies and increase profits. Preparing their sales people to perform their jobs better is top priority, because they know that it offers high ROI. But many other business owners aren’t even sure of its meaning. Some confuse it with sales training. Others can’t find a proper definition and don’t fully understand why they need it.

Sales enablement is becoming more popular due to the rise of inbound marketing. Companies with tightly aligned sales and marketing departments achieve faster revenue growth, but a harmonious team atmosphere isn’t always so easy to achieve. It can be hard to mesh these two departments together into one cohesive team when they often have competing objectives.

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