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Inbound Marketing Tips

6 Little-known Facebook Hacks that Can Boost Your Medical Marketing


It’s been well established that Facebook plays a big role in the marketing of today.

Be it clothes you’re selling or plastic surgery services, Facebook—as well as other social media platforms—lets you reach the exact people you’re targeting in a personal and direct way that really works.

But in the years since Facebook first hit the scene, users have gotten savvier—particularly in how they interact with brands on the platform. They no longer want companies simply shouting promo jargon and sales announcements at them via their newsfeeds.

They want more interactivity. They want to be a part of the brand and to connect directly with the faces behind the curtain.

As a result, Facebook has released some new features that allow businesses to do just that.

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been much press around them, so unless you’ve gone digging through the admin area of your Facebook page lately, you might have missed them.

Here’s a quick primer to fill you in on the best—and often overlooked—Facebook hacks that can improve your marketing efforts instantly.

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Attention, Medical Office Marketers: Here's How our HubSpot Partnership Helps You


There are a lot of reasons to work with Outlet Creative Group. From our years of experience to our unparalleled team of experts, we’ve got a lot to offer businesses—and their bottom lines.

One benefit that’s just as important, but not as well known? That’d be our HubSpot partnership.

Outlet Creative Group is part of an elite group of agencies that’s partnered up with HubSpot—a company whose marketing software has changed the trajectory of businesses across the world.

It’s a partnership that comes with some seriously impactful marketing tools, both for Outlet Creative Group and every single client we serve.

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Want to Grow Your Med Spa Services? Don’t Forget These 5 Things

In our highly digitized world, where everyone’s constantly connected, plugged in and on the go, there’s no better marketing tool thebsite.

It lets customers connect with you anytime, anywhere and it makes learning about your brand—and connecting with it—not only easy but downright convenient.

But simply having a website isn’t enough. That old Field of Dreams adage “if you build it, they will come” just doesn’t ring true in the digital world, sadly.

Sure, having a website up is a start—and a necessary one if you want to stay competitive—but if you want that website to be found, to bring in qualified leads and to convert those leads into real, paying customers, then there’s actually a lot more work to be done.

Having a high-functioning, bottom-line boosting website requires work, both on-site and off. These five methods are particularly effective at getting your medspa serviecs found—and by the right people.

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Remarketing: What is it and is it Right for Your Medspa?


Have you ever noticed when you’re shopping online that whether you make a purchase or not, for the next several days you see ads throughout your newsfeed for the same exact thing you had been researching? You’ve probably thought, how does the internet KNOW I was looking for that? Well, this is not just a coincidence, and it isn’t voodoo. It’s called remarketing.

Medspas are using remarketing campaigns to target potential patients who are actively searching for their services. Remarketing essentially pinpoints people raising their hand and signaling that they are interested, then delivers them a way to take action immediately. Let’s dig into the details of what remarketing is and discuss if it is right for your medspa.

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The 4 Biggest Google AdWords Mistakes in Medical Marketing


Getting your medical practice to show up online sometimes feels like a guessing game. Google constantly changes their algorithms, social media is confusing, and online advertising seems like an unsolvable mystery. But it doesn’t have to be so hard.

Thanks to Google AdWords, medical practices can significantly improve their online ranking. Targeted ads, researched and focused keywords, and a well-defined audience are the key ingredients to creating a successful ad campaign. Sounds simple enough, but there is a lot of room for human error.  Here are the four biggest Google AdWords mistakes in medical marketing. Are you making them?

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How to Set Up Google AdWords for Your MedSpa

Last week we convinced you with reasons to use Google AdWords for your medspa and now we want to walk you through how to get started. While there are quite a few steps in the process, learning how to set up Google AdWords for your medspa will open up a world of advertising potential. 

Before setting up your account, make sure you know what your goal is (what results do you want to see in what amount of time?) and who your audience is (who do you want your ads to reach?). These two factors will guide you as you set up your campaigns.

While we could spend hours going over Google AdWords optimization, today we are going to focus on the basics. If you need help beyond getting started, we encourage you to contact Outlet Creative Group today!

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5 Reasons to Use Google AdWords for Your Medspa Marketing

By now, you have probably heard of Google AdWords, but have you started incorporating them into your medspa’s marketing strategy? Given that many medspa practices struggle to stand out online and to attract new patients in a small geographic area, this marketing tactic is one of your best options.

When used correctly, Google AdWords can make a big impact for your medspa marketing. After all, the goal of any advertising is to get in front of more people and generate real interest, right?

Well, Google AdWords gives you the control to create a custom campaign around your budget, timeline, and goals. Not to mention, you’ll have more analytics than you’ll know what to do with - giving you more insight into the behavior, needs, and interests of your potential patients.

Let’s dig into the five reasons to use Google AdWords for your medspa marketing.

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3 Ways to Easily Improve Your Medspa's SEO


The goal behind any website is to be found online by your target audience. Then, of course, the goal is to keep potential patients around, build trust, and engage them enough that they want to contact you.

The challenge is that there are billions of websites on the internet in which you have to compete with. Thankfully, there aren’t as many medspas, but you still have to think strategically about how you present your practice online. That’s where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in. 

SEO is an acronym people throw around a lot, but often don’t fully understand. While it may seem like a complicated concept, it is something that you will want to understand as a means of getting the most out of your medspa’s website. 

According to Hubspot, “Improving your on-page SEO can help your inbound marketing efforts immensely by helping you attract the right visitors to your website. You want to optimize your pages for search engines so they can understand who you are, what you do, and what you're writing about.” 

Let’s dig into three important ways to easily improve your medspa’s SEO.


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