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10 Quick Steps For Starting Inbound Marketing

Aug 16, 2016 9:00:00 AM

10 Quick Steps For Starting Inbound Marketing

In this blog post we will give you a step-by-step process to hit the ground running with inbound marketing. These days inbound marketing is widely accepted as a part of marketing best practices. It has proven itself to be a winner for B2B and certain high-end B2C services; plastic surgeons, cosmetic dentistry, chiropractic services.

It takes 90-days of consistent inbound marketing to begin experiencing the benefits touted by professionals. Consistent is the key word in that last sentence. Execute these steps in the next 90-days and your business will be ahead of the rest.

1. Educate Yourself on Inbound

If you have a marketing mind, inbound can be intuitive but it does take time to educate yourself on the many different parts of inbound marketing.  Take advantage of the many different free resources out there to learn the inbound methodology.

10 Quick Steps For Starting Inbound Marketing


Get Inbound Certified

HubSpot offers a free inbound certification.  It is a comprehensive training that will allow you to soar in your inbound endeavors.  Check it out!

Read Blogs

Read, read, read. I can't stress it enough.  The more you learn upfront the faster you will be able to grow your business with inbound.  Here is a short list of incredible resources:

  1. OUTLET Blog
  2. HubSpot Marketing
  3. Unbounce
  4. QuickSprout
  5. Social Media Examiner


2. Build Your Inbound Team

Inbound marketing is an "All-In" mindset and you need to surround yourself with a trusted group of professionals to pull it off.  This group should consist of a Marketing Strategist, Content Copywriter, Designer, Web Developer, and a Marketing Coordinator.

Note: OUTLET Creative Group provides all of this expertise for your business. We understand technology has no intrinsic value of its own.  It's the solutions we provide to reduce marketing cost, increase revenues, streamline processes; all the while proving ROI.


3. Assess Your Current Marketing 

  1. What tools and platforms are you currently using in your marketing efforts?
  2. What is the lifetime value (LTV) of each customer? What is your LTV goal?
  3. Who is your ideal client?
  4. How much does it cost you to acquire a customer?
  5. What ROI have you seen from your current marketing efforts?
  6. What are you currently investing in?


4. Define Your Marketing Goals


What are your goals? Is this leads, customers, or revenue? Make your goals SMART.

10 Quick Steps For Starting Inbound Marketingsource: impactbnd.com


5. Clearly Define Buyer Personas & Buyer Journeys

You need to know who you are selling to.  You may learn all about personas in our blog post: "Put Your Stellar Rebrand Into Play: Personas"

You also need to document their buyer's journey.  This refers to how they become aware of your services, how they compare your services to other similar service providers, and how they decide to purchase your services.

Read more here: "What Is the Buyer's Journey"


6. Build Your Marketing Gameplan

Decide what your strategy will be to achieve your goals and what tools you need.  This includes but is not limited to your content strategy, conversion paths, and technology needed.

10 Quick Steps For Starting Inbound Marketingsource: hubspot.com


7. Build Your Website

A stellar website is the nerve center of all of your lead generation and inbound marketing efforts.  It should be built around your goals and gameplan. It should be:

  1. Professionally designed for your buyer personas
  2. Responsive
  3. Easy to navigate
  4. Optimized for lead generation
  5. SEO optimised
  6. Contain a blog, call-to-action (CTA), forms, and landing pages


8. Publish Content

This is where your content strategy comes into play.  Publishing content on a daily and weekly basis is essential to be found on search engines and establishing yourself as a thought leader in your industry. Your content should be directed at your buyer personas and align with your goals.


9. Promote Content

  • Utilize social media to share links back to your blog content, promote content offers such as checklists or ebooks, and to develop a brand identity.  
  • Always include social media links on your blog to ensure easy sharing.
  • Send emails to your followers and subscribers to keep them in the loop of your latest offerings.
  • Distribute your content to relevant groups and online communities on platforms such as LinkedIn.

10 Quick Steps For Starting Inbound Marketing

10. Evaluate Progress, Report, and Test

Take the time to find out what is working and what isn't working in your inbound marketing undertaking. Take time to track website traffic, conversion rates, and click rates to know where things should be better. 

10 Quick Steps For Starting Inbound Marketingsource: impactbnd.com

Are there not enough hours in the day to complete these 10 Steps? Outlet Creative Group relieves healthcare related companies of their marketing headaches. Check out our full list of services or call (517)879-9940

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