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10 Senior Living & Home Care Marketing Ideas for 2018

Dec 12, 2017 9:00:00 AM

10 Senior Living & Home Care Marketing Ideas for 2018

The year has almost come to a close, and in only a few weeks, the sun will rise on 2018, offering us a new year, a clean slate and endless possibilities.

Will you capitalize on it? Will you take the opportunity to assess your marketing strategies and, just maybe, mix it up a bit?

The New Year is the perfect time to try your hand at new marketing tactics or, even, re-approach some of your old ones with a fresh new take.

Need some guidance? Here are 10 sure-fire senior living and home care marketing ideas to try in 2018:

Sponsor a health fair.

Many cities, counties, schools and neighborhoods offer seasonal or annual health fairs, where locals can stop by, get health assessments and learn about healthcare offerings and facilities in the area. Get your company’s name out there by sponsoring the event or, at the very least, renting out a booth. If doing the latter, make sure to have some brochures on hand to show potential residents and family members what you’re about, and bring along some freebies to give away and keep your facility top of mind – even once the fair has long ended

Leverage your current residents.

10 Senior Living & Home Care Marketing Ideas for 2018

If you’ve got happy, healthy residents, those are your best selling point right there. Use them to your advantage, and feature them on your website, on social posts and when giving potential residents tours. You can even create video testimonials with current residents and promote them on Facebook, YouTube and other social platforms. Show potential residents exactly what they’d get if joining your community.

Boost your online reviews.

In this day and age, your online reviews can make or break your business. Don’t have any good ones? Just don’t have any reviews at all? Talk with the family members of your happiest residents – current and former, and offer them an incentive to go review you online. Encourage them to review you on Google, Yelp or both. You can even email them a direct link to make it easier.

Throw a party.

10 Senior Living & Home Care Marketing Ideas for 2018

Don’t have a senior center in your city? Then take senior get-togethers into your own hands. Throw a senior Valentine’s Day bash or a Memorial Day parade for your community’s older adults. Draw potential residents in with top-notch social opportunities, and give them a glimpse at the life they could lead within your community.

Go social.

Seniors might not be all that active on social media (save for Facebook), but you know who is? Their kids. Their grandkids. Their nieces and nephews. Invest some resources into building out your social presence across the big three: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can even consider doing paid advertising on the sites, as this can allow you to drill down deep and target users with the most potential.

Try PPC.

By that same token, PPC (pay per click) advertising on Google, Bing and other search engines can also put your brand in front of your target audience quickly and easily. You can target certain geographic areas, which is great if you’ve only got one or two locations, and you can also pay a little extra to rank higher than your competitors – a big deal if you’re in a crowded market.

Improve your online resources.

10 Senior Living & Home Care Marketing Ideas for 2018

When considering a senior community for their loved ones, people are looking for information – reviews on the facility, data on the health conditions and struggles they’re dealing with, and just answers to their many, many questions and concerns. The more you’re able to address these desires outright and up front, the more likely you are to close that sale, so invest some resources in developing a better resource library on your website. Aim to have an FAQ section, healthcare resources and articles, an informative blog and plenty of data on your facility and those who staff it.

Strengthen your SEO.

Search engine optimization is what can ensure your website is found by people searching in your area – and not some other business down the road. It’s the result of painstaking research, consistent blogging and a high attention to analytics and data over time, and it’s something best left to a professional if you can afford it. Connect with an SEO expert in your field, and see what they can do to improve your search rankings and online visibility.

Partner with another local business.

10 Senior Living & Home Care Marketing Ideas for 2018

Are there any businesses in your community serving the same general demographic or audience as you? What about their kids or grandkids? Try partnering with them on a co-marketing strategy, or you can even host an event together to promote both your services simultaneously. A good example? Throw a Alzheimer’s awareness run with a local hospital. You can have doctors on hand to answer questions, and team members from your memory facility to talk about safety and care issues.

Refresh your website.

Design trends come and go, and tech changes faster than most of us can keep track of. If your website is more than a few years old, it’s probably out of date (and obviously so), and it could be hurting your ability to attract new residents. Consider giving it a facelift to make sure it’s up to current standards – tech-wise, SEO-wise and design-wise. Remember, your website is your biggest marketing tool in today’s world, so don’t let it fall by the wayside.

Make sure to follow up with any potential leads you generate, and create a process for doing so. Most people do a lot of research before deciding on a senior living community, and there’s often some internal struggle that goes along with it. Get back in touch a few weeks or months after your first connection, and remind them that you’re there to help – both them and their loved one. They’ll appreciate the concern.

Want more senior living marketing tips for 2018? Contact Outlet Creative Group today.

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