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10 Ways to Grow Your Medical Practice's Internet Presence in 2017

Jan 3, 2017 9:00:00 AM

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Happy New Year! Whether you are running a med spa, plastic surgery practice, or dermatology practice you want your business to continue to grow in 2017. Now is the perfect time to take steps towards improving your internet presence. 

Your future patients will expect to find their next provider on the internet and will read "word-of-mouth" reviews online. If your internet presence is lacking, you can bet that your competitors will win out in the end. Make this year the year you will take control of your website and your brand and beat out the competition with these ten easy tips.

 1. Unique Website 

Did you choose your website through a cookie cutter online shop or worse yet, build it yourself? Outlet Creative Group only builds custom websites for our clients. We begin with your mission and goals and give you a professional and patient friendly website that communicates your skills effectively to your future and current patients.


2. Optimize your Site with SEO 

Having a website that looks pretty on the front end doesn't take your practice very far if no one can find it within the 1 billion plus websites on the internet. SEO is the set of rules that Google uses to crawl websites and determine whether or not they are relevant to whatever is being searched. In other words, it may make the difference in whether your current and future patients find you on the Internet or find one of your competitors first. At Outlet Creative Group, our trained SEO experts will boost the back end of your website to ensure you practice is beating the competition online. 


3. Make it Mobile Friendly

The majority of internet searches will be conducted on smartphones or tablets in 2017.  Having a searchable website means you’re well on your way to establishing a solid online presence, but many medical practitioners do not realize that websites do not show up on mobile devices the same way that they do on computers. Google is now penalizing websites that are not mobile-friendly so great SEO is not enough. A mobile responsive website is a critical part of the Google ranking package.


4. Professional Photos

Your business is about looks, whether reconstructive or enhancement, you want to show your work in the best light possible. Take the time to learn simple tricks to taking great pictures with a smartphone. Have a professional photographer take pictures of your practice offices and staff.  This step will add to the professional image of your brand and show your patients that you care about your practice and thus communicate that you care about their results. Learn more here....


5. Video

Creating a video to help market your service is a no-brainer. It's an easy, shareable way to communicate your practice's core message. Approximately zero potential customers will likely read your thousand-word written explanation about why your practice is better than the next guys. Visual content is much more digestible, accessible, and shareable to the average person. Infinite bonus points if you can figure out a way to showcase the personality of your practice in a way that’s relatable and memorable. Learn more here...


6. Instagram

Instagram has exploded over the past year and now with their new stories feature and save to profile feature you can reach your audience even faster.  Read Outlet Creative Group's blog post, "Instagram Stories: A Win for B2B," to learn how to use this feature for your medical practice.

Another important aspect of using Instagram is hashtags. Do a little research to see what hashtags your competitors are putting in the first comment of their Instagram posts and what posts are getting the most traction. Experiment with what hashtags work best for your practice. You can even use hashtags to get specific about location (#newportbeach), product (#botox), service (#breastreconstruction), or to gain a following on a certain day of the week (#makeovermonday).


7. Facebook

Facebook is nothing new but the need for Facebook advertising is new. As Facebook usage grows so does the difficulty to pop-up in your follower's news feed. Learn how to create stellar Facebook ads in our post, "Successful Facebook Ads for Your Plastic Surgery Practice."

Tip: Ensure your Facebook content is creative and quality driven. No matter how much money you throw at a post, it won't be worth it if you are not capturing your prospective patient's attention.


8. Google +

Does our mention of Google + surprise you? Most people do not realize the important role it plays in improving your search ranking with Google. If you are taking the time to blog or post to Instagram and Facebook, you should also take the time to post the same content to Google +. You may not have followers on this site but Google is taking notice and increasing your ranking.


9. Consistency

Do you have a brand identity? A brand identity defines the proper colors, fonts, picture sizes, and language for your practice. It also gives a personality to your practice that your patients can "get to know" and expect a certain feel of friendliness and professionalism when they walk through your doors.


10. Quality

Do you have monthly goals for your social media or is every post a shot in the dark? By honing in on a specific goal for the month you can increase your traffic, following, and success. Download our Free content planner here...

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If you are already a member of the Outlet Creative Group family, then you have nothing to worry about – our team is already moving forward with your digital marketing strategy to put you and your medical practice into the 21st century. If you are a prospective client, this is only a short list of what Outlet Creative Group can do for you.

Contact us today to make 2017 your year by growing and developing your internet presence. We look forward to hearing from you!

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