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18 Tips to Quickly Grow Your Blog Subscribers

Feb 20, 2018 9:00:00 AM

18 Ways to Quickly Grow Your Blog Subscribers


That old saying “If you build it, they will come” unfortunately isn’t always accurate – at least when it comes to blogging.

You can have the best, most consistent blog content around, but sometimes, it just doesn’t take off. It doesn’t get the exposure it needs. It doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

Fortunately, there are ways to fix it.

Are you tired of feeling like you’re talking to the walls? Want to make sure your carefully thought-out posts are getting read? That they’re generating comments, likes and interactions every time?

Then these 18 Tips to Quickly Grow Your Blog Subscribers can help:

18 Ways to Quickly Grow Your Blog Subscribers


Give people a real reason to subscribe to your blog. Good content is one thing, but a freebie? Saved money? A discount on a product they really, really need? Now that’s where the sweet spot is. Offer blog subscribers an incentive for joining your list -- something that helps them in their work or daily lives or maybe something that saves them money. Promote that incentive on your blog, your subscription page and on your social media accounts. The more visibility, the better.

Connect with the right people.

Every industry has influencers – people who are the movers and shakers everyone looks up to and wants to emulate. Find these pros in your sector, and try to get their attention. Interact with them on Twitter or Instagram, and make them a real proponent for your brand. If they retweet or share your content, that exposes your blog – and brand as a whole – to thousands, maybe even millions, of potential new subscribers.


18 Ways to Quickly Grow Your Blog Subscribers

Add a sign-up link to your email signature.

How many emails do you send a day? Dozens? Hundreds? That’s valuable real estate. Add a link to your blog or subscription page to your email signature, and encourage your colleagues, clients and friends to join your list with every sign-off. It takes just a few minutes to do but can have a major impact on your subscriber volume over time.

Encourage sharing.

Sure, asking your Twitter followers to share your link is an option, but it’s probably not going to be effective. Instead, talk to your stakeholders – your bosses, colleagues, co-workers and clients (people who really care about the content’s performance) – and encourage them to share your posts on their own accounts. This can have a huge impact, especially if those stakeholders have robust followings of their own.

Offer alternative opt-in options.

Having a subscription box on your website footer is great, but don’t stop there. Add subscription boxes to each individual post, and include a checkbox where people can opt in on your other web forms, too – even ones on your contact page or landing pages. Put opt-in boxes at every customer touchpoint you can think of. 

18 Ways to Quickly Grow Your Blog Subscribers


Consider a paid promotion.

Sometimes, just putting $5 or $10 toward a quick Facebook or Twitter promotion can go a long way. Pore over your analytics and see which posts have performed best in the last few weeks, and put a little budget toward promoting those on social media. The results might surprise you.

New Call-to-action


Add related reads.

Use your sidebar areas to promote other content on your site – related posts, landing pages or even ebooks that they might be interested in. You want to keep those visitors engaged and on your content as long as possible. This will increase their chances of signing up and becoming a long-term subscriber. 

Give them reading options.

Readers like great content, but they also like flexible content. Sometimes, they just don’t have 15 minutes to read 3,000 words, and sometimes, that’s exactly what they want. Give them options on how to digest your content by utilizing quick links, which let them hop from section to section as needed. Utilize bullet points, lists and subheadings too, and break up your content to make it more digestible. The easier your content is to read and understand, the more they’ll want of it.

18 Ways to Quickly Grow Your Blog Subscribers

Think about guest posting.

It sounds weird to say posting on other blogs can help increase your own subscribers, but it really can. Guest blogging – at least when done on the right websites and venues – can bring serious visibility to your brand and help establish you as an expert in your field. Many sites also offer guest bloggers the opportunity to link back to their own websites and blog content, which is a great to poach already interested readers from a high-traffic site to yours.

Clear away distractions.

Sometimes, subscription boxes and opt-in forms are hidden away amidst other CTAs, images and copy, and readers just plain don’t see them. Try to make your opt-in areas stand out by changing up their color once in a while and clearing away any clutter or distractions in their general facility. You want them to draw in the eyes and stand out from the pack.

Other options for increasing your blog subscribers:

  • Add share buttons to each blog post
  • Optimize your blog and subscription pages for SEO
  • Include a subscription call-to-action on all marketing and purchase emails
  • Add a sign-up CTA button to your Facebook page
  • Use a lead magnet
  • Link to your subscription page on your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram bios
  • Comment on other popular blogs in your space – and include a link to your own blog in your user bio or signature
  • Pin a post or tweet about subscribing to your Facebook and Twitter pages


A robust blog subscriber list isn’t built in a day, so be patient, and keep posting consistent, search-optimized content as often as possible. Over time, with the quality copy and the right balance of networking, promotion and knowledge, you’ll be able to create a deep list of captivated readers who not only love your content – but want to share it, too.

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