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25 Plastic Surgery Practice Marketing Ideas for 2017

Dec 14, 2016 10:05:00 AM

25 Plastic Surgery Practice Marketing Ideas for 2017

With technology being such an integral part of marketing for plastic surgery practices, understanding how your practice can benefit is key. A new year is quickly approaching, and your marketing team should be putting together your strategic plan that will carry you through the first six months, if not the entire year. This is a large undertaking so we are here to give you a boost with 25 new and refreshed ideas.

Here are 25 marketing ideas for 2017:

1. Instagram Advertising

Show your audience what you can do! Post before and after pictures of your clients to demonstrate you are the real deal. Promote the post to your targeted audience.

2. Facebook Videos

Broadcast a video as a procedure is being done and provide details in the comments (HIPAA compliant of course). People who have wanted to ask questions and were too shy will benefit from the visual experience.

3. Facebook Ads

Facebook is one of the best ways to get the word out. It is also one of the cheapest. When someone sees your ad and uses it, the word spreads quickly.

"How to Create a Facebook Ad for Your Plastic Surgery Practice"


4. Webinars

This is your time to shine and get in-depth! Have a live webinar where people can interact with you, get comfortable with your personality, and the friendly environment at your practice.

5. Blogging

Again, knowledge is power. Have your audience become engaged in what you have to say. This is a great way to answer frequently asked questions.


6. Virtually Enhanced Website

Virtual reality is the way to go. If your customers can virtually imagine what they will look like after their plastic surgery, it could help gain clientele.

New Call-to-action

7. Free Consultations

Once or twice a month, offer free consultations. This will show your human side, and people who wouldn’t usually go see a plastic surgeon could become potential clients. These can be completed through a drawing from event attendees.

8. Maven Makeovers

We've all heard of the "Mommy Makeover" but what about the older ladies. Have a quarterly special where you do a procedure on a “Maven.” This will build your credibility and your following in that demographic.

9. Employ Brand Ambassadors

Brands are starting to realize the effectiveness of a brand ambassador. Partner with someone who has a huge following and have them advocate on your behalf.

10. Start a Referral Program

Referral programs are huge! Giving incentives to those who refer new clients can be priceless.

25 Plastic Surgery Practice Marketing Ideas for 2017

11. Host Monthly Chats

Open yourself up to the community, whether in-person or online. Again, this gives you visibility, credibility, and exposes you to a wider audience. Check out Facebook Live for a new adventure.

12. Personalize Your Communications

The genius of the digital market allows for personalization of your website, email marketing, website forms, and advertising. Read about website personalization here>

13. Create an Entire Experience

You want to make your clients rave about your work. Don’t just provide a service – to the extra mile and provide an experience.

14. Become an Industry Expert

You already are of course but your prospective patients need to know it too. This comes from partnering with those organizations that value your expertise. Speak at a few conferences, don’t slack on your blogging or websites, and stay engaged. Get more ideas...

15. Localize Your Offerings

You may have clients that come from other places but give a few incentives to the locals. This will keep your name in the local buzz and you will gain points in the community.

16. Advertise on Top Local Websites

By advertising on the local websites that most people frequent, you will gain exposure and give back to the community. Think Chamber of Commerce or community calendars.

25 Plastic Surgery Practice Marketing Ideas for 2017

17. Advertise in Top Local Magazines

Just like advertising on local websites, advertise in those exclusive magazines that your clients read.

18. Cater to a New Audience

Switch your strategy and engage a new audience (think Maven Makeovers).

19. Distribute Time-Sensitive Promo Codes

Promo codes that need to be used within 72 hours for a consult or appointment can be very effective.

20. Send Tweets to Special Customers

We all have special customers. Share something special with them and let them tell all their friends.

21. Do a Video

Videos can make a world of difference for your website traffic. Try posting on your website using tools such as Wistia.

25 Plastic Surgery Practice Marketing Ideas for 2017source: Botox demonstration from Ageless Medical in Fort Lauderdale, FL

22. Do a Boutique Demonstration

Consider it a fashion show of sorts. You want to showcase what you can do. This is the perfect way to do that and get new clients in a setting that is chic, fashionable, and relaxing.

23. Network with Industry Insiders

Partner with a major manufacturer who can give you the exposure and audience growth you seek.

24. Create Packages

Have something for everyone; young and old. This will help you stand out and let prospective patients know you understand their pains.

25. Make Everyone Feel Special

It goes without saying. Your plastic surgery practice should be centered around making every patient feel as if they are the only one. Ensure a smiling face is greeting them at the door. Send happy birthday coupons and holiday greetings.

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