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30 Days To A Better Email Newsletter For Your Plastic Surgery Practice

Sep 29, 2016 5:58:35 AM

email marketing for my medical practice

Every plastic surgeon, physical therapy practice owner or corporate wellness guru wants to elevate their marketing but then you come to work and you are pulled in all directions and once again your marketing gets put off again until next week.

Let's stop this cycle and put a plan in place for marketing success beginning with your email newsletter for your business. This guide outlines a month’s worth of email marketing activities to reshape your marketing outreach. Don’t wait to transform your marketing - you are just 30 days away from a killer email marketing strategy. 

4-Weeks To a Better Email Newsletter:

Week 1 - Planning

Week 2 - Writing 

Week 3 - Distribution

Week 4 - Analyzing & Optimizing



The first week of your month should be about planning your email strategy and monthly sending plan.

Over the course of week 1, your email activities should include:

 Scheduling a conversation with your sales team about monthly goals (1 hour)

 Reviewing last month’s analytics, if applicable (15 – 30 minutes)

 Brainstorming new outreach topics and formats (15 – 45 minutes)

 Outlining your monthly email topics and campaign format (1 hour)

 Sending your plan to your entire team, and incorporating any of their recommendations (1 hour)

WEEKLY EXERCISE: Expand Your Knowledge Base

Take 5 – 10 minutes each day to read articles from trade publications or blogs to make sure you stay on top of your game. Here is a good article to get you started: "Inbound Marketing for Your Practice Through Email"

blog calendar 


Think about this week as your the main event, focus on writing and editing the campaigns that you selected last week, and will send in week three.

Week 2 email activities include:

 Writing the content to send out next week (from 30 minutes to repurpose content - 2 to 3 hours for each new article)

 Tip: Use ideas in this article to help with content ideas: "15 Content Marketing Ideas To Generate More Business

 Editing your email content (30-minutes)

You don’t want to burn out as you grow into your new email marketing. Keep your content development manageable, especially at first. Don’t try to do three offers in one email when one is enough.


How to Create an Email Newsletter People Actually Read



The third week of your plan is when you lay out your email messages and send your campaigns.

The activities involved in the distribution week include:

 Writing email copy (1 hour)

 Laying out your email (1 hour)

 Deciding on an image, headline and subject line for your email (30 minutes)

 Selecting the segment (part of your list) that will receive your email (30 minutes)

 Copy editing your email, testing links and sending a test email (30 minutes)

 Sending out your email campaign (30 minutes staring at the Send button, 5 seconds to hit Send)


Segment Your Email List to Run Innovative and Effective Campaigns



Analyzing & Optimizing

The fouth week of your plan A final, extremely important step in this 30 Day Plastic Surgery Marketing Guide is testing and optimizing your campaigns. Testing and optimization isn’t optional; it’s a critical piece of successful email marketing. Because of that, we allocate an entire week to improving your emails.


This week’s activities involve: 

 Reviewing the analytics from this month’s email send (1 hour)

 Preparing your monthly email campaign report (1 hour)

 Identifying potential optimization and testing efforts for next month (2 hours)


How To Easily Plan & Track Your Email Marketing Campaigns


Congratulations! You made it to the end of your 30-day Email Marketing Plan! You should be proud of your accomplishments.

Just like great exercise regiments, great email marketing is all about consistency. Go back to Week One, and start planning next month’s campaigns. Now it’s time to build on the base you have just established. Read one extra article, or try one extra idea you learned in your A/B test brainstorm. All these little efforts stack up to create a truly exceptional email program.

Happy sending!

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