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4 Reasons Small Businesses Should Use LinkedIn Company Pages For Marketing

May 19, 2016 12:00:00 PM


If you’re looking to connect with industry professionals and generate leads for your business, it’s pretty obvious; LinkedIn should be an integral part of your social media marketing strategy. 

According to Mike Grishaver, Product Management & Monetization at LinkedIn, Company Pages provide “a more powerful way to build relationships with your target audience on LinkedIn.” With its emphasis on visual and relevant content, LinkedIn’s Company Pages give businesses a more complete set of tools to do effective marketing.


1. Grow Your Reach

Without putting any effort into building your company on LinkedIn, chances are many of your employees are updating their personal profiles to show where they work. Every person that connects with that profile may potentially click on your company name and be navigated to your company page. Multitudes of users can easily land on your page through simple LinkedIn browsing. Opinions will be formed based on the information you provide. As every employee has the opportunity to promote your company, use this to your advantage.

  1. Clicking the icon of where a user works will take you directly to the employer’s LinkedIn Company Page.
  2. Roll over a company icon on a user’s profile to view a snapshot of general company information. LinkedIn will gather this information from the ‘About Us’ section of a Company Page, so make sure you include all those details when you’re setting your page up.



2. Spread Product Awareness

Company pages on LinkedIn provide a section for talking about specific products. While you can create a business page on Facebook where you can describe your various products as a whole and see which friends “like” that page, LinkedIn narrows the field and allows you to add multiple products with images and descriptions, so each stands out. Not only are consumers learning about the products and services your company produces, they are also able to see how many users recommend them. This form of product awareness is hard to find, and better yet, LinkedIn provides a way for you to measure it.



3. Optimize for Search

Did you know that LinkedIn jobs appear in search results and on Twitter? By having a LinkedIn Company Page, you will greatly increase your visibility across the web. Additionally, LinkedIn is its own search engine for finding jobs and companies, and if you’re not there, you will have missed a great opportunity to be found by a prospect, lead, or potential employee.



4. Generate More Leads

Wait, you didn’t know you could generate leads on LinkedIn Company Pages? LinkedIn Company Updates allow you to link to your content, drawing in hungry leads in need of good resources. Even better, your Products page has CTA capabilities! A giant, clickable image offering a product with trusted recommendations right below it? Don’t mind if I do!




Think of this page as a marketing and sales tool, you’ll be more successful in getting visitors to click through to your website. Speak to your target audience the same way you would in any of your marketing materials. Make sure your company’s value proposition is near the top. Your copy should excite potential customers, influencers in your industry, and those who might be interested in working for you.

2 LinkedIn Company Page Tips 

(source: http://www.addthis.com/blog/2015/11/06/5-linkedin-company-page-tips-for-beginners/#.VzzUlhUrJBw)

1. Empower Your Employees to Participate

There’s a good chance that many of your employees are already on LinkedIn and know how to use the platform. Unlike other social networks, people expect employees to contribute to conversations about the companies they work for, which can mean valuable marketing for your business. Here are some ways to harness the value of your employees on LinkedIn:

  • For employees that are already on LinkedIn, make sure their profiles are linked to the company and their job information is up to date. Encourage employees that aren’t on LinkedIn to sign up for a profile. Ask employees to share company content on their own profiles and tag your page and the original author of the piece. If employees are feeling a little gun shy, consider putting together a guide or share helpful articles with them.
  • Encourage employees to join and participate in groups relevant to your company and industry and distribute your content to them.


2. Keep an Eye on Your Analytics

The only way to know whether or not your LinkedIn company page is working for you is to analyze your metrics. In addition to your website analytics and social insights from AddThis, LinkedIn’s company page analytics offers information on reach, engagement, followers and visitors. Measuring your analytics against your company goals to see what’s working and what isn’t will give you the tools you need to improve your LinkedIn strategy over time.

Many businesses miss out on the opportunity LinkedIn provides to help grow their business because they’re focusing their efforts on bigger social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Discovering which social outlets will bring you the most traffic–and more importantly, conversions–takes a bit of work and more than a bit of trial and error. But when you figure out where your most loyal and vocal customers are spending time online and what they want to read and share, it will be worth the effort.

Are you convinced yet? If you want to grow your company’s reach, awareness, SEO, and lead generation, having a LinkedIn Company Page is a good idea.

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