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4 Tips on How to Make Your Medspa Website Mobile Optimized

Jun 20, 2017 9:00:00 AM

4 Tips on How to Make Your Medspa Website Mobile Optimized

When you overhear people talking about mobile optimization, algorithms, and search rank, does it make you cringe? While these challenges may seem a bit elusive, they don’t have to cause panic. Yes, your medspa website needs to be easy to find online and enjoyable to look at on a variety of mobile devices, but it doesn’t have to be as complicated as you think.  

The truth is, Google pretty much reigns the day in our Internet-addicted world. If your website is not mobile optimized, you will be penalized. Not only will Google bury your website from being found, but your current and potential patients will not have a very positive user experience. Your competition will easily outshine you, and you will miss out on high-quality leads. 

So, what does it take to make your medspa website mobile optimized? Nothing too complicated! Here are four easy things you can do to improve your website’s mobile optimization.

1. Make Your Navigation Menu Functional and Easy to Find

When you think about someone viewing your website on a mobile device - whether it’s on their phone or tablet, you want to make the experience as enjoyable and visually appealing as possible. What do you think people use on your website the most? Your navigation menu!  

Consider the way people interact with your website on a mobile device. When they want to find a specific piece of information - whether that is your list of services or your contact information, the most common place for them to look is your navigation. So, how do you make your menu mobile friendly?

First things first, keep your menu at the top of your website. On smartphones, the word “Menu” will typically appear at the very top of your website with a “+” symbol that displays a drop-down menu of all of your site’s core pages. It’s helpful to have your menu stay at the top of the page, no matter where visitors venture off to on your site. That way, they don’t have to waste time trying to figure out where to go next.


4 Tips on How to Make Your Medspa Website Mobile Optimized


Other important elements of your navigation are the fonts and colors you use. Obviously, you want people to easily read the various pages on your website so they can decide where they want to go. Don’t make your fonts so creative that people can’t read them. Keep them clean and simple. Pro tip: Make sure the names of each page on your website make sense and give your audience a clear idea of what kind of information they will find. This is not the time to be a poet.


2. Resize Your Images

One of the most overlooked details on a website is the size of images.  Cameras and smartphones are notorious for creating images that are ginormous in size. When you upload those directly to your website, there can be a host of problems - especially on mobile devices.  

What is one thing all mobile users have in common? They want to find what they’re looking for fast! If your website is bogged down with massive image files, it will not load very quickly. If someone is experiencing slow load times while using their mobile device, they are most likely going to bounce from your medspa website immediately.  

Keep in mind, your image could take up a small amount of physical space on your website, but could still be too large to load efficiently. Pay attention to the file size of your photos and determine a set standard for all of them. One way to check if your photos are too big, is to pull your website up on your phone and see how long it takes for each page to load! If you notice that it’s taking awhile, your photos are probably too large! Use your photo editing tool of choice to resize your photos so they load in an appropriate amount of time. 


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From a design standpoint, you ideally want all of your images to have the same dimensions. While there is no set standard you need to follow, it’s a good idea to keep photo dimensions consistent throughout your website. Your potential patient’s experience will not be as enjoyable if they see a hodgepodge of images.

Another thing to double check is that your images resize based on screen size. Take the time to view your website on a phone, tablet, and desktop. Does the website still look professional? Do the images automatically resize? With the majority of people using mobile first, you must design your site accordingly. The last thing you want is for your images to make your medspa’s website appear off-kilter or unprofessional on mobile devices.


3. Make it Easy to Read

When you think about taking your website to the next level on mobile, you probably don’t think about which fonts you’re using. While there are hundreds of fonts out there from which you can choose, this is one of those times where less is more.  

The most important thing about the font that you use on your website is that it is easy to read. When it comes to your medspa’s mobile website, we highly recommend that you use a sans serif font - they are much easier to read on mobile devices. Avoid using script-style fonts or block letters. Both extremes are hard on the eyes.  

Another easy way to make your potential patient’s mobile experience more enjoyable is to use headers and subheaders throughout your website. These headlines (Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, Heading 4, etc.) will help break up the content and make skimming your website a lot easier. Avoid long paragraphs and excessively wordy pages.  

If you’re like most practices, you want to generate leads from your website. To make your site easy to read and navigate, make sure you use focused and clear call to actions! These prompts and links will perform better if you present them in the form of a button. This allows your call to actions to be easy to read and stand out from the rest of your content.

4. Make Your Phone Number Click-to-Call

When potential patients want to call your medspa, you don’t want them going back and forth between your website and their phone’s keypad to attempt to type in your number correctly.  
4 Tips on How to Make Your Medspa Website Mobile Optimized
This process works just how it sounds. By making your phone number click-to-call, it essentially makes it an active link that they can easily click and call. When they click on your phone number, a small box will pop up on their mobile device that will show your number and give them the option to either cancel or call.  

This is the best way to take the guess work out of getting in contact with you! Another thing to remember is that you want to make your phone number prominent and easy to find. Don’t hide it on your contact page - put it in a prominent place on your homepage and footer!    

See, making your medspa’s website mobile optimized doesn’t have to be so scary! These four easy-to-implement tips will take your mobile site to the next level quite quickly. These are all details that Google pays attention to, so don’t skip them! If you want to use your website as a lead generation tool and resource for your potential and current patients, make sure you follow these pointers.


Unsure of how to impement these changes to make your website mobile friendly? Contact Outlet Creative Group today!

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