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5 Reasons to Use Google AdWords for Your Medspa Marketing

Jul 5, 2017 9:00:00 AM

5 Reasons to Use Google AdWords for Your Medspa

By now, you have probably heard of Google AdWords, but have you started incorporating them into your medspa’s marketing strategy? Given that many medspa practices struggle to stand out online and to attract new patients in a small geographic area, this marketing tactic is one of your best options.

When used correctly, Google AdWords can make a big impact for your medspa marketing. After all, the goal of any advertising is to get in front of more people and generate real interest, right?

Well, Google AdWords gives you the control to create a custom campaign around your budget, timeline, and goals. Not to mention, you’ll have more analytics than you’ll know what to do with - giving you more insight into the behavior, needs, and interests of your potential patients.

Let’s dig into the five reasons to use Google AdWords for your medspa marketing.

1. Reach Your Target Audience & Generate More Interest

Ask any practitioner or business owner what their number one priority is online, and they will likely answer the same way. To be found by their ideal patients/customers. Not only do they want to be found, but they want to be found on the first page of results by the right people.

Given the fact that there are billions of websites on the internet today, you can’t just launch a website and send up a wish and a prayer and hope people start finding you.  

Google AdWords gives you the opportunity to create campaigns focused on the people who are already searching for the unique services your medspa offers. These people have already indicated they are interested in what you offer by searching for the same keywords you are using in your campaigns. 

Instead of guessing who is going to drive by your billboard on the highway, you are making informed decisions based on the keywords relevant to your practice and focusing your efforts on people who are scouring the internet for your services.


2. Make the Platform Work for Your Goals & Needs

The most frustrating thing about TV, radio, or print advertising campaigns is that once it is launched, you can’t make changes. Well, not unless you want to spend a ton of money. As we will get into later, you have complete control over your Google Ads and can make instant changes to your strategy whenever you’d like.

When Google made their AdWords platform, they must have followed their own advice and researched their target audience. It turns out that Google AdWords is actually an ideal advertising platform for organizations big and small! Whether you want to spend $20 or $200 a day, you can customize an AdWords campaign to your medspa’s unique goals and needs.

Not to mention, AdWords can be paired with a wide variety of other platforms. If you’ve been around here long, you know that we integrate everything with Hubspot. This makes it easy for you to review each unique campaign’s results.

3. Gain Better Results

There is no question, anyone investing in Google AdWords for their medspa marketing efforts is interested in gaining results. None of us are in the game of just throwing money away, right?

Well, as much as we encourage you to spruce up your website by making sure it is mobile friendly and optimized for search engines, if you want to see targeted results in a relatively short amount of time, Google AdWords is the answer.

Yes, we all would love to say that we were #1 on Google search just by our organic use of keywords and our impressive writing skills, but the reality is, we won’t be. To consistently show up in relevant search results, you need to invest in Google AdWords. This is the best way to get a leg up on your competition and send traffic to your website. Given how detailed and specific you can get with your campaigns, Google AdWords gives you an opportunity to narrow down who you want your ads presented to.

Beyond that, Google AdWords is designed so that you only pay for ads when people actually click on them. Say hello to an increased ROI! So, not only are you reaching a more focused target audience, but you only have to pay when someone shows real, genuine interest in your offer.

4. Analyze Results and Tweak Your Ad Strategy

The last thing you want to do is launch an AdWords campaign and then forget about it. The beauty of this tool is that you can analyze your results and tweak your ad strategy in real time - no need to wait until you have spent all of your money!

Google is pretty generous in the information they give you access to. After all, Google is successful (and makes money) when your ads are delivered to the right people, and those people take action. Shortly after your campaign has launched, you can review the keywords people used to find your website, which ads were clicked, and of course how expensive each click was.

Should you see that an ad is not performing or is more expensive than you’d like, you can easily tweak your ad strategy. If you aren’t sure what to change and want to stop the campaign altogether, you can do that too (instantly!).

5. Get to Know Your Target Audience

As a practice, you continually need to learn more about your medspa patients. It is when you understand their needs, interests, and concerns that you can better serve them. By using Google AdWords, you can gain access to important information about your ideal patients. While it may be slightly odd to think about everything Google knows about us, when it comes to campaign analysis, it is helpful!

Google AdWords can gain access to where people are located, what time of day they are online, their preferred device, and of course, the keywords they are searching. The hope is that you will use that information to improve your current or future campaigns.

By running two very similar Google AdWords campaigns, each featuring a different service you offer, you can gain information on which one people are more interested in, especially if there is a drastic difference in ad performance. Pay attention to demographic details like age and gender, then you will also have a better understanding of who is interested in which service. This will help you in future advertising efforts!

There is no question, there are a lot of reasons to use Google AdWords for your medspa marketing. With today’s overly connected world, you can hand pick who you want your medspa’s information to be delivered to. Instead of wasting dollars and time on traditional advertising campaigns, you can make a big impact online while narrowing down and learning more about your ideal patient.

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