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6 Little-known Facebook Hacks that Can Boost Your Medical Marketing

Aug 15, 2017 9:00:00 AM

6 Little-known Facebook Hacks that Can Boost Your Medical Marketing

It’s been well established that Facebook plays a big role in the marketing of today.

Be it clothes you’re selling or plastic surgery services, Facebook—as well as other social media platforms—lets you reach the exact people you’re targeting in a personal and direct way that really works.

But in the years since Facebook first hit the scene, users have gotten savvier—particularly in how they interact with brands on the platform. They no longer want companies simply shouting promo jargon and sales announcements at them via their newsfeeds.

They want more interactivity. They want to be a part of the brand and to connect directly with the faces behind the curtain.

As a result, Facebook has released some new features that allow businesses to do just that.

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been much press around them, so unless you’ve gone digging through the admin area of your Facebook page lately, you might have missed them.

Here’s a quick primer to fill you in on the best—and often overlooked—Facebook hacks that can improve your marketing efforts instantly.

Improve Your Medical Marketing Through Facebook

Facebook is always at work improving the overall experience—both for users and for businesses/advertisers. The platform has released dozens of new features over the past couple of years, and while all of them add some sort of value, there are a handful (six, to be exact) that are truly groundbreaking in terms of marketing impact.

Call to Action Buttons

Every brand’s Facebook page needs an overarching goal. Is it to sell your products or services? To generate leads that you can later nurture? To bring in more people to your brick-and-mortar store? Or simply to get your appointment books filled up?

6 Little-known Facebook Hacks that Can Boost Your Medical Marketing

With Facebook’s call to action buttons, you can make achieving that goal—whatever yours may be—infinitely easier. Visitors will be able to simply click a button, and they can contact you, book an appointment, shop your store, sign up for your newsletter list, watch a video, play your game or open up your app. It makes converting your Facebook visits simple, fast and easy.

Live Video

You’ve probably seen friends and family “go live” before, or maybe you’ve even caught a local newscaster using the tool. Now, Facebook is starting to let businesses go live, letting them give customers a behind-the-scenes look at what’s going on, in real-time, with the brands they know and love.

And while live video is a great way to increase visibility and customer engagement, the platform is on the cusp of allowing businesses to capitalize on these live feeds even further. Soon, businesses who go live (and have a certain amount of followers) will be able to include ad breaks in their videos—and they’ll earn a cut of the ad’s revenues once the video’s complete. The program is currently being tested with a number of brands across the country, but it should be available to the all businesses that qualify in the near future.

Carousel Photos

6 Little-known Facebook Hacks that Can Boost Your Medical Marketing

Carousel photos are just another way Facebook users can better interact with the content they see on their feeds. Instead of just scrolling past an image or hitting the “like” button, carousel photos let users click through a series of images, giving them better insight into a product, service or just a brand in general. Businesses can even attach links to the images, so when a user clicks them, they’re directed to a homepage, an online store or even a specific product page on which they can purchase what they just saw.


If you’re wanting to bring in more customers to your store or simply generate more sales, Facebook offers are a great way to do it. These allow you to create promo codes or bar codes that can be either printed and brought in-store or redeemed online. Use them to offer discounts on products or services or to give away a freebie with a minimum purchase (Facebook says this tactic is usually more effective.)

The platform recently enabled Offer Ads, too, so if you really want to increase visibility of your promotion, boost it and use Facebook’s ad targeting options to ensure it’s seen by the right people, at the right time.

Lead Forms

Forget creating a time-consuming landing page on your website every time you want to generate new leads. With Facebook’s built-in lead forms, you can gather contact information right from your Facebook page. The best part? It makes filling out the form super easy—especially if the user is on a mobile device. All it takes is a quick click or two, and they can submit their information, subscribe to your blog or newsletter, or whatever else you’re offering up. It’s a win-win for both you and your customers.

6 Little-known Facebook Hacks that Can Boost Your Medical Marketing


Pinned Posts

Until recently, new visitors to your Facebook page would simply see your latest post. It could be a silly Monday-themed meme, a notice about your recent power outage or a boring news update. Sadly, those probably wouldn’t do much to convert a user into a paying customer.

Now, Facebook lets you pick and choose your first impression with what’s called “pinned posts.” Simply scroll through your posts, and choose the ones that put your brand in the best light. Click “pin to top of page” on your chosen post, and it will now be the very first thing visitors see when they hit up your brand on Facebook.

A quick note: Pinned posts last seven days, but you can always change them out earlier if necessary. If you’ve got big sales or news going on, pin a post about it—and leave it up until it’s no longer noteworthy!


More Medical Marketing Tips

Facebook—and all social platforms, for that matter—carry some serious marketing clout in today’s digital world. They can boost your search rankings, improve your visibility and help with customer engagement and retention. Want help working social media into your medical marketing efforts? Contact Outlet Creative Group today.

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