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Content Marketing Ideas to Generate More Business This Fall

Aug 29, 2016 2:20:00 PM


In this blog post, we are sharing 15 great content marketing ideas that you can implement to super charge your business growth this Fall.

According to a recent report published by Ascend2, content marketing ranks as one of the most effective online tactics for lead generation among nearly 50% of B2B businesses surveyed (http://www.marketingprofs.com/charts/2016/30530/the-most-effective-digital-lead-generation-channels?adref=nlt082516).   

For any business to grow, the right marketing strategies are crucial to gaining new customers.  For a B2B business, your audience is often much more targeted and clearly-defined than that of a traditional consumer business.  In order to attract those leads who are relevant to your business, content marketing strategies provide a way to develop and present valuable, effective information to the right people in the right industries. 

What are some ways your B2B marketing campaign can use content marketing to boost lead generation? Here is an excerpt from the ebook “Marketing Ideas to Generate More Business This Fall” by HubSpot & Square

“You may already be a content-creation machine, but sometimes, content creators get stuck in the grind and forget to think outside-the-box. Feeling stuck for new ideas? This next set of content creation tips is sure to help you try something new this fall. Whether you’re just starting out or a content pro, this section has a content marketing tip for you.”


15 Content Marketing Ideas

  1. Stop doing what’s not working. Direct mailers, TV or radio ads, things that are not measurable. Try things you KNOW will have measurable impact!


  1. Rev up your content marketing efforts. The easiest way to begin is with a blog. Start by creating posts that help bolster your SEO rankings. What type of searches would you want your business to pop up under this time of year? Google’s Keyword Planner can help with these efforts.


  1. Write a piece of pillar content as part of your SEO strategy. Learn more about pillar content here.


  1. (PRO TIP) Run an internal contest to help you develop blog content (tap your customer success or sales teams for ideas and give them feedback on their posts).


  1. Do a content audit and SWOT analysis using this template.


  1. Nail down your top 20 customer FAQs and write a blog post for each one.


  1. Analyze your top-performing blog posts to identify a topic area to double-down on.


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  1. (PRO TIP) Reach out to prominent local bloggers and podcasters and inquire about partnership opportunities, and consider asking them to do a social media takeover on your Pinterest or Twitter accounts for a day or week, which could help you reach an even wider audience.


  1. Try a live Google Hangout on air as a lead generation content piece.


  1. Revamp a high-performing offer and re-promote to your audience to gain SEO juice. Consider co-marketing to help promote that offer. Not sure how to find the best co-marketing partners? Learn how here.


  1. Try an “Ask me Anything” with an influencer in your industry and create a special nurturing track/drip campaign for sign-ups.


  1. (PRO TIP) Try historical optimization on your blog to increase conversions. Not sure what that is? Read about historical optimization here.


  1. Have your CEO or top executive write a LinkedIn Pulse article to help promote something related to your business.


  1. Try a co-marketing campaign with a brand that has a similar buyer persona.


  1. Set yourself a guest posting challenge to write 20 guest posts in a month to place on high traffic relevant blogs. Learn more about guest posting in this ultimate guide from Kissmetrics.


Whether you’re in need of a few fresh ideas to boost your existing content marketing campaign or looking to revamp your entire strategy, these ideas will help keep you stay current, relevant and no doubt, boost your ability to capture more leads. 

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