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5 Types of Content Your Senior Living Website Needs

Sep 19, 2017 9:00:00 AM

5 Types of Content Your Senior Living Website Needs

On the web, it’s all about quality over quantity.

Sure, pulling in 10,000 visitors a day would be nice, but if those visitors aren’t converting into real-life, paying residents in your senior living communities, then what’s the point? You’re not getting a return on your investment, and you could even be driving business right into your competitors’ arms.

If that’s the case, you’d be better off not having a site at all!

So how do you change that? How do you ensure your website doesn’t just pull in visitors, but qualified, ready-to-buy ones who can eventually become paying customers?

In our experience, it comes down to one simple—yet monumentally important—factor: your content.

Must-have Senior Living Website Content

Content can be pretty powerful stuff—particularly on the web. It can boost your search rankings, it can qualify visitors, and it can convince them to reach out, learn more or even secure a spot in your community.

But not all content is created equal, and slapping up a few paragraphs on your site isn’t going to do the trick. In fact, it may actually work against you.

In order for content to really be effective, it needs to be carefully crafted. It needs to cover all your bases—to come from all sides and really work together cohesively to inform, persuade and convert your visitors from passive onlookers to tangible, paying clients.

Here’s what this comprehensive content strategy should entail:

1.      SEO-infused Web Copy

5 Types of Content Your Senior Living Website Needs

Conversions are infinitely easier to come by if you attract the right type of visitor from the very start—one who is already interested in your services or already has a need or concern your company can address.

The key to pulling in these qualified types of leads lies in SEO. By choosing the right long-term keywords and using those keywords to optimize your website copy, blogs and other online content, you can ensure you’re not just found in search engines—but found by people who have a high chance of buying in. By drawing in more qualified leads, every step of the sales process gets easier and, in the long run, likely more lucrative, too.

2. Targeted Content

5 Types of Content Your Senior Living Website Needs

The content on your website should be informative, sure, but it should never be too general or broad-based. Deciding on a senior living community is a very personal and, often, difficult decision, and people ultimately want to feel safe and confident in the facility they choose.

Doing this takes content that is targeted and speaks directly to the unique concerns, worries and questions each visitor has when they come to your site. Consider creating separate sections of your site based on every potential visitor persona and their place in the sales funnel. Create one for potential residents, showing behind-the-scenes looks at your facility, the activities it offers and the types of life it affords. You can even add in resident stories and testimonials to up the trust factor. For family members, create content that assures them their loved one will be cared for, that your staff is capable and kind, and that puts their mind at ease. Remember, many are scared, worried and sad at having to place their loved one in the care of others, so use your content to build trust and put their fears to rest.

3. Qualifying Content

5 Types of Content Your Senior Living Website Needs

There’s no point in wasting time or resources on visitors who could never—or would never—become a paying customer, so use your content to qualify (or eliminate) people right off the bat. Make it easy to find the basic details of your facility—like the ages of residents you accept, your geographic location, the on-site health and care services, your experience, etc. You want visitors to know right away if they’ve come to the right place.

4. Content that Empowers and Informs

5 Types of Content Your Senior Living Website Needs

Sometimes, visitors are just looking for more information. Maybe they’re just in the early stages of considering assisted living for their loved ones, or they’re looking for future options as they themselves start to age. Whatever the reason, they’re in need of knowledge—content that arms them with the information, insights and even questions they need to move further down the sales funnel.

Use your blog, as well as other areas of your website, to answer commonly asked questions and to cover hot-button issues and topics in your industry. Make each person who visits a wiser consumer and, in turn, show them that you’re an absolute expert in your space. While they might not be ready to become a resident right this very moment, you can bet five years down the road they’ll remember your expertise and knowledge—and your willingness to share it.

5. Content that Makes You Stand Out

5 Types of Content Your Senior Living Website Needs

There are more than 1.2 billion sites on the web and thousands upon thousands in the senior living space alone. At the end of the day, your site needs to stand out from all those—to provide something your competitor’s sites and content simply don’t.

To accomplish this, create content that shows off your brand’s personality—its unique voice and the qualities that make it special. Engage visitors and show them how and why you’re different than other facilities on the scene. Is it your fun, tight-knit community of residents? Your highly trained nursing staff? Your amazing weather and on-site amenities? Hone in on that unique selling proposition and really make it known.

 In Senior Living, Content is King

You’ve likely heard it said before, but content truly is king in today’s digital world. It can make or break your website—and subsequently your brand—and it can help you stand out, resonate with your visitors and turn passive onlookers into real-life paying residents.

Do you want help creating a content strategy that drives more qualified leads and converts those leads into residents and customers? Outlet Creative Group can help. Contact us today

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