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Fall Marketing for Med Spas: 8 Ways to Capitalize on the Season

Aug 22, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Fall Marketing for Med Spas: 8 Ways to Capitalize on the Season

It might still be hot out, but summer is quickly winding down. The start of school is just a few weeks away, and the smell of pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes and Thanksgiving turkey is just around the corner.

Though it’s a little too early to start setting that table or shopping for holiday presents, there is one thing you can do to prep for the upcoming season.

Plan out your marketing calendar.

Fall, with all its leaf-changing, cool weather goodness, is the perfect time to try out new strategies that can both win you new customers and draw your old ones back for repeat business.

Seasonal Med Spa Marketing Tactics That Can’t Be Beat

There are dozens of ways to capitalize on the fall season. The best ones depend on where you’re located and what local and financial resources are at your disposal.

Here are the eight tactics we’ve seen med spa clients have the best luck with in recent seasons:

  1. Find your local fall festivals.

Schools, churches and other community organizations often host festivals once the weather cools down. They’re usually back-to-school celebrations, fall carnivals, pumpkin patches, or other events commemorating Thanksgiving or some other seasonal holiday. Whatever the reason or cause, these festivals offer a prime opportunity to get your business in front potential customers—and in a big way.

Fall Marketing for Med Spas: 8 Ways to Capitalize on the Season

If possible, rent a booth at one of these events, and let visitors spin a prize wheel for giveaways, discounts or other freebies. If renting a booth isn’t in the cards, considering sponsoring the event instead. This often gets you placement in any printed materials, signs and PR collateral, which can up your visibility even more.

  1. Offer Thanksgiving & Black Friday deals.

Most people start shopping for holiday gifts around Thanksgiving, when the deals start rolling in. Add your med spa to the list by offering specials for those who purchase around this time. You could give anyone with a Thanksgiving week appointment a $25 gift card, offer special discounts or add-ons to those who book future services on Black Friday, or even offer gift cards with special bonus balances for the holidays.

The main goal? Give customers a way to 1) get an affordable present for a loved one, while 2) enjoying something for themselves as well.

  1. Run a social media contest.

Use your Instagram and Facebook accounts to host a contest. - Learn how in our step-by-step guide - Ask users to submit their best fall leaf photos or their funniest Halloween pictures, and give the winner a free service or gift card as their reward. You can draw randomly, put the images to a vote, or have your staff vote internally.

Fall Marketing for Med Spas: 8 Ways to Capitalize on the Season

You can try other tactics, too. Instead of asking for images, have your followers share their favorite stories or jokes, nominate a loved one for the prize, or even predict the winner of the World Series. The options are endless!

  1. Host a co-marketing event.

Link up with another local business that might have some overlapping clientele and host a co-marketing event with them. Area masseuses, hair salons or makeup artists are great ideas, as they all offer similar pampering/beautification services. Consider renting a space or getting together at one of your locations to host “treat yourself” event. Give away five-minute massages, mini-facials and other small services that offer a taste of what you—and your co-hosts—have to offer. - Read our detailed Medical Practice Co-Marketing list here! -

  1. Throw a ladies’ night out/open house.

Close down early one day, and host a ladies’ night for local women. Offer complimentary wine, serve up light snacks, and have your staff on hand to talk about your services and products. Have a few games and contests lined up, and give the winners gift cards, free services or discounts on future bookings. You can even capitalize on back-to-school week, branding the event a “Mom’s Night Out – Finally!” Be sure to connect with the local PTA groups if you go this route.

Fall Marketing for Med Spas: 8 Ways to Capitalize on the Season

  1. Host a charity drive and give back.

Really take Thanksgiving to the next level by not just offering discounts to a few customers, but by giving back to a charity or the community at large. Host a charity drive and invite the community to bid on raffle items, donate to a good cause, and get to know your brand—and its values—a little more intimately. You can also pick a specific family or woman in need to give back to—maybe someone who just recently overcame cancer or a family that’s down on their luck. Put a little light back in their lives by donating a few services that could lift their spirits.

  1. Celebrate the smaller holidays.

Thanksgiving may be the biggest fall holiday, but it’s certainly not the only one. Commemorate the smaller ones, too, and try to bring in those fringe customers who might not get a lot of attention otherwise. Grandparents Day (Sept. 13) is a great example, allowing you to target older women who might enjoy Botox, rejuvenation or facial services. Other potential holidays include Bosses Day (Oct. 16) and Veterans Day (Nov. 29).

  1. Sponsor a team.

Fall is the time when all sports are a go. Baseball and softball are still in season, football’s in full force, and soccer’s up and running as usual. If there are any local sports teams in your area, see about sponsoring one—or several—and get your name on their jerseys. Be sure to pick the team carefully, though. You want one that either has members who would buy your services themselves (adults, college students, etc.) or ones that would have parents in your target demographic (likely high school teams).

Fall Marketing for Med Spas: 8 Ways to Capitalize on the Season


Fall into Better Med Spa Marketing

Don’t let your marketing efforts go stagnant. As the seasons come and go, so should your marketing strategies. Want more help keeping your med spa’s fresh and innovative for today’s changing customers? Contact Outlet Creative Group today.


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