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Most Frequently Asked Digital Marketing Questions [infographic]

Jun 21, 2016 10:35:04 AM

Most Frequently Asked Digital Marketing Questions [infographic]

This post is for the busy medical marketer. There is tons of information on the web concerning digital marketing but you don't have the time to read all of the blogs, newsletters, ebooks, etc. You're too busy growing your practice.  You know this, and I know this, but here's a tip, digital marketing grows your practice as well; quite successfully.

What is digital marketing or inbound marketing? 

Digital marketing is a combination of SEO, social media, blogging, website landing pages, website content offers, marketing campaigns, and website lead nurturing. Inbound Marketing is a term coined by HubSpot and automates all of these digital items. It's a lot to think about and manage.  Luckily there are ways to consolidate and make it easier.

What does an Inbound Marketing Agency do and is it expensive?

An inbound marketing agency, such as Outlet Creative Group, handles all of these digital items for your business.  The agency helps you achieve your business goals by directing your marketing at the correct audiences. When you work with OUTLET, we create your social media posts targeted at your audiences, write personalized blog posts that are optimized for SEO, direct readers to your website through content offers, and collect lead information through landing page forms. All of this comes together to help your sales department capture quality leads and turn them into quality customers.

The cost of these services depends upon your growth goals, resources, business size, and industry.


Does inbound marketing work?

YES! It has been proven time and again. Inbound marketing brings in twice as many leads for small to medium sized B2B businesses, as compared to traditional mailers, billboards, TV  and radio ads. When was the last time you saw a good lead return on your advertising efforts? If you are still focusing your marketing dollars on traditional avenues then it's time to try inbound marketing where your dollars are tracked and refocused when advertising campaigns are not successful.  

Most Frequently Asked Digital Marketing Questions [infographic]

Will I see a return on my investment in digital marketing?

When you commit to an inbound marketing program and let your agency do the work for your business you should see a positive ROI. The great thing about inbound marketing is you will know if your leads are coming from social media, organic search, or direct traffic. This insight allow your inbound agency to direct your marketing budget to the traffic streams that are bringing your business the best leads.

Is inbound marketing successful for all types of business?

No. B2B companies that have more than 5 employees and up to 200 employees see the most benefit from inbound marketing.  Business industries such as commercial insurance companies, commercial service companies, healthcare tech companies, and B2B product companies such as automotive parts or commercial products are a great fit for inbound marketing.

One B2C exception to this B2B rule is the area of high-end customer care industries such as orthopaedic rehab, plastic surgery, cosmetic dentistry, etc.

Give up the headache of managing your own marketing. Give up the guilt of not devoting enough time to marketing. Feel a sense of excitement when your marketing dollars start paying off with quality leads for your sales team. Sign-up for a free inbound marketing assessment today! 

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