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Four Building Blocks of Email Marketing for Plastic Surgery Practices

Mar 8, 2017 9:25:00 AM


Now that you know WHY your plastic surgery practice needs to pursue email marketing, let’s dig into what it actually looks like for your practice.

A successful email marketing campaign requires a thorough understanding of your goal and audience. What do you want the outcome to be and who are you targeting? Smart marketers segment their contact lists based on demographics and interests, personalize their content, and ultimately, send multiple messages! That may seem like a lot to remember, but given email marketing’s high ROI, it’s well worth your time!

Here are the four building blocks of email marketing for plastic surgery practices!  

1. Determine Your Email Campaign Goal

Every plastic surgery practice is concerned with using their marketing dollars and hours wisely. The best way to do that is to make sure you know why you are doing something. Here are a few ideas of high-quality goals you could set. Keep in mind the big-picture goals and the milestones you are trying to reach in terms of gaining new patients and engaging current patients.

  • Promote a New Service: Email marketing is a fantastic way to generate interest in a new service your practice is offering. With this as your focus, you can make sure your patients know about your new offering by sending an email that introduces the procedure, its benefits, and highlight who the procedure is best suited for. By providing this information and proactively answering the questions your patients have, you can generate interest.

  • Re-Engage Past Patients: As much as you want to attract new patients, it’s important to not overlook the patients you have already worked with! These individuals know you, have been pleased with your work, and already have a level of trust and rapport with you. If re-engaging past patients is your email marketing goal, make sure you share a variety of your services that may be applicable to your audience, patient success stories, and helpful tips and ideas. You never know what your previous patients may need help with, and they may simply need a reminder of the other services you offer!

  • Encourage Referrals: Your current patients were hopefully blown away by your professionalism and high-quality treatment. The key is to get them to share about it! A focused goal for your email campaign can be to give your audience an opportunity to share their experience with you, or better yet, share it with others! Email campaigns give your patients an easy way to forward and share your information, and give you an opportunity to ask them for a review or referral. When doing this, be as specific and direct as possible! If you want them to leave a review on Google, give them a direct link and instructions.



2. Segment Your Contacts to Fit Your Goal

Once you have a clear goal for your email marketing campaign, it is time to segment your contact list to support your goal. Most likely, you are using an email marketing platform that maintains all of your contacts in one large list. While there may be times when you want to email your entire list, most email campaigns do better when they are focused on a specific demographic or interest group. This allows you to tailor your practice’s message specifically to the people you are trying to reach. Each email platform has their own segmenting tools, but you should be able to easily create a sub-group of individuals for each email campaign. Here are a few ideas of how you could segment your contacts to fit your specific goal.

  • Your Audience's Age: When you are thinking about a specific email marketing campaign, what is the average age of your audience? If you are sending an email to inform your patients about a new eyelid surgery procedure, you probably want to segment your list to include people in their 40s to 70s. This message would most likely not be applicable to someone in their 20s.

  • Location, Location, Location: While you may tend to focus on patients in your local area, there are times when you may want to reach a broader audience. If your practice is based in Lansing, but you are trying to tap into the Grand Rapids market, you can segment your email list to target only people in that area. This is why it is so important to gather people’s addresses when adding them to your list!

  • Site Activity: Email marketing is better than ever because of our ability to tailor messages specifically to the services our potential and current patients are interested in. Software like Hubspot can inform you of which offers your patients have downloaded on your website, which pages they visited, and what type of content they preferred. You can then create a specific campaign tailored to people who have shown a particular interest in one service - like an arm lift or a tummy tuck.

  • Position in the Sales Funnel: The best way to nurture a new patient is to understand where they are in the sales funnel and tweak your messaging accordingly. If someone is in the awareness stage, you don’t want to be sending them a hard-hitting message to try and convert them into a paying patient. You want to segment your list based on where your patient is in the sales funnel so they feel understood and taken care of.

  • What are Their Interests? One of the most basic and logical ways to segment your list is based on your patient's interests! If they have submitted questions and downloaded information about brow lifts and face lifts, that is likely the information they are interested in. If they have looked at breast reduction and liposuction, you are best suited to send them more information about reduction surgeries and offer encouragement about feeling beautiful from the inside out. Take clues from what they are reading, asking about, and viewing!

3. Personalize Your Message

We all receive a lot of emails every day and so it is important that your messages stand out and are truly personalized for your patients. There are a few ways to do this in a simple and straightforward manner.

  • Add Their Name to Your Emails: Most email marketing platforms have an easy way to add your patient’s first name to the message, so instead of saying a generic “Hello,” you can say “Hello, Sarah!” You will be amazed at how much your readership increases by including this type of personalization. Just make sure you spell your patients’ names correctly!

  • Pay Attention to Location: You can also personalize your message based on the locations your patients have visited if you have multiple practices or where they visited you online - Facebook, Youtube, or even different pages on your website. Of course, if you have segmented your list to potential patients in a specific area like Ann Arbor or Jackson, you can mention local happenings and attractions to show that you understand their lifestyle and local area. The goal is to build a connection and show that you are tuned in to their lives. 

  • Add Unique Patient Info: Another great way to make your message feel more custom and tailored to each unique patient is to incorporate information about which services they have received. This will take a bit more time since your email list would need multiple segments, but this again enables you to speak more directly to your patients.

The example below may be for the travel industry but it is a great example of how you can cater to your patients, make them feel special, remind them of your wonderful services.
4 building block of email marketing

4. Send More than One Email

An email campaign is what it sounds like - a campaign. It is not a single email. Any email campaign you create should include at least four different emails. The idea is that you will send these over the course of several weeks and strategically cultivate your relationship with current and potential patients. Here are a few ideas to help you come up with what to say in these emails.

  • Conduct A/B Testing: A fantastic way to ensure that you are getting the most out of your email campaign is to do A/B testing to compare two versions of the same email. This allows you to try out different writing styles, different fonts, colors, and even different call to actions. Hubspot allows you to do this, and whichever email performs better will be sent out to the rest of your list. Doing this kind of testing at the beginning of your campaign can help direct your future emails. Caution: only change one thing at a time so your data is accurate.

  • Point Patients to a Blog Post or Video: Each email you send should have a specific call to action and a way for your patients to easily get more information. Pointing them to a specific blog post or video that offers additional value and information about a particular procedure is a powerful way to move your current and potential patients along the sales funnel. The goal is that every patient will take some form of action from your email! Make it very clear what kind of information is available to them and make it easy for them to get to that information. Buttons and links are a great way to do this.

  • Provide a Special Offer: Email marketing has the potential to be more personal and is a wonderful way to offer your patients exclusive offers. Because they have opted-in to your email list, they should be rewarded! At some point during your email campaign, make an offer that will show them your gratitude for their attention and loyalty! You can even hint at this reward in the first few emails of your campaign to generate curiosity and interest.

  • Send a Breakup Email: This may sound a little harsh, but at some point, you probably get sick of being strung along by potential patients who are never going to buy! A unique but effective way to clean out your sales funnel is to send a breakup email. According to Hubspot, “Breakup emails are designed to provoke a response from a prospect whom you haven’t heard from in a while. These emails enable you to close the communication loop, either confirming a prospect won’t be moving forward or that they’re still interested, but have just been busy.”  What we love about this is that it is a way for you to show that you actually care about your list and don’t want to bother people who are uninterested! Not to mention, this gives you a way to eliminate wasting your time on people who aren’t ready to buy from you.

Email 1

Email 2

Email 3

  • 3 paragraphs max
  • 2 sentences per graph
  • End with yes / no CTA
  • Refine the pitch
  • Refine key feature
  • Make a bolder ask
  • Shortest email
  • Refine key feature
  • Make even bolder ask



There is a lot to consider when getting into email marketing, but it is a powerful and targeted tool you can use to cultivate relationships with your current and potential patients. When planning your next email campaign, keep these tips and ideas in mind to position you for success.

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