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Attention, Medical Marketers: Here's How our HubSpot Partnership Helps You

Aug 8, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Attention, Medical Office Marketers: Here's How our HubSpot Partnership Helps You

There are a lot of reasons to work with Outlet Creative Group. From our years of experience to our unparalleled team of experts, we’ve got a lot to offer businesses—and their bottom lines.

One benefit that’s just as important, but not as well known? That’d be our HubSpot partnership.Attention, Medical Office Marketers: Here's How our HubSpot Partnership Helps You

Outlet Creative Group is part of an elite group of agencies that’s partnered up with HubSpot—a company whose marketing software has changed the trajectory of businesses across the world.

It’s a partnership that comes with some seriously impactful marketing tools, both for Outlet Creative Group and every single client we serve.

HubSpot Benefits for Medical Office Marketing

HubSpot offers powerful tools that we not only use for our own marketing efforts here atOutlet Creative Group, but in the efforts of our clients and customers as well.

Here are just a few of the benefits our HubSpot partnership offers medical offices like yours:

Easier Blogging & Content Management

One of the single biggest benefits of HubSpot is that it makes managing your site a breeze. Whether you’re posting a new blog, changing out page content or redesigning your site altogether, all it takes is a few clicks, and it’s done. It’s a user-friendly system that virtually anyone—from any level of technical background—can use and understand easily. There’s no advanced training needed, and you can dig in and get started right away.

Best of all, we’re here to help at any point in the process. Need to know how to post your latest blog? Give us a call. Want help customizing a landing page? Our team’s here to light the way. We know HubSpot like the back of our hands, and we want to give you that same level of understanding, too. Attention, Medical Office Marketers: Here's How our HubSpot Partnership Helps You


More SEO Power

Think search engine optimization is difficult or too technical? Want to ensure your brand ranks well in Google without putting in a whole lot of time or effort? HubSpot makes SEO easy and painless. Its built-in tools help you hone in on the right keywords and phrases, and they ensure you uses those terms in the right places—and the right way—on all your posts, pages and other types of content.

There are even built-in tools to help your broadcast your latest blog posts via social media (another crucial piece of the SEO puzzle), and you can track how each of your chosen keywords is performing week after week, month after month. This allows you to constantly optimize, tweak and keep your website in the top of search rankings 24-7.

Attention, Medical Office Marketers: Here's How our HubSpot Partnership Helps You


Increased Lead Generation Capabilities

Getting more traffic to your site is one thing, but getting the right type of traffic is another. Just bringing in random visitors isn’t going to help anything. If you want your website to generate sales and revenues, you need it to attract qualified, ready-to-buy visitors who are actually interested in what you have to offer.

With its handy built-in tools, HubSpot makes generating the right leads easy. There are forms, landing pages, call-to-action buttons and more, and with each one, there are detailed metrics that tell you what was clicked, who clicked it, and where they’re coming from. Using this data, we can determine what’s working, what’s not and, ultimately, what needs to be changed to make your efforts more effective.

Attention, Medical Office Marketers: Here's How our HubSpot Partnership Helps You


Better Metrics (Meaning Better Insights)

It’s not just HubSpot’s lead generation tools that have detailed metrics attached to them; every other area of HubSpot’s platform comes with drilled-down analytics that give you powerful insights and drive better strategies. Get data on your blog posts, emails, social media posts, page content and more, and evaluate your efforts across the board.

Attention, Medical Office Marketers: Here's How our HubSpot Partnership Helps You

Few content management platforms offer as much built-in data as HubSpot does, and most require you to use outside sources (Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, etc.) to put all the pieces of the bigger picture together. HubSpot allows you to get full-scale insights across all facets of your strategy, and that means:

  •    Easier on-the-fly changes – See your performance in real-time, and make changes based on those metrics ASAP. That means a better ROI—and a more effective use of time and money—on the whole.
  •    Constant optimization – With the right data at your fingertips, you can constantly optimize and tweak your strategies as you go. No complicated tools or reporting necessary.
  •    Less wasted time – Who has the time or energy to pull dozens of different analytics reports from even more sources? HubSpot streamlines these efforts and maximizes your time.
  •    Better collaboration between strategies – When you’re pulling analytics from across platforms and tools, the bigger picture can get muddled, and it can be hard to see how each moving part works together. HubSpot’s metrics give you an easy way to view the big picture—as well as how each little piece contributes to it.

With HubSpot’s full-scale insights, you can craft strategies that reach the right customers, in the right ways, at the right time in the sales funnel. And at the end of the day, that’s the whole point of marketing!

Full Support

When you work with a HubSpot partner like Outlet Creative Group, you don’t just get the powerful tools and software—you also get full support every step of the way. We use our expansive HubSpot knowledge to help you get the most from your investment, and we guide you from start to finish on leveraging it, optimizing it, and managing it in the absolute best, most profitable way possible.

Choosing a specialized HubSpot partner (one who works in a specific niche, with customers only in certain industries/sectors) gives you even more valuable support. Due to their extensive experience in your space, they’re often able to recommend powerful strategies and tactics that have worked for past customers—and these can help you get even more out of your investment and the HubSpot platform.


The Bottom Line: Better Medical Office Marketing, Better Results

All in all, HubSpot offers you a single, easy-to-use system that makes your medical office marketing and SEO efforts not just effective, but comprehensive—across every inch of your site. Want to learn more about what HubSpot can do for your medical office? Contact Outlet Creative Group today.

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