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How to Set Up Google AdWords for Your MedSpa

Jul 11, 2017 9:00:00 AM

How to Set Up Google AdWords for Your MedSpa

Last week we convinced you with reasons to use Google AdWords for your medspa and now we want to walk you through how to get started. While there are quite a few steps in the process, learning how to set up Google AdWords for your medspa will open up a world of advertising potential. 

Before setting up your account, make sure you know what your goal is (what results do you want to see in what amount of time?) and who your audience is (who do you want your ads to reach?). These two factors will guide you as you set up your campaigns.

While we could spend hours going over Google AdWords optimization, today we are going to focus on the basics. If you need help beyond getting started, we encourage you to contact Outlet Creative Group today!

1. Choose Your Target Audience 

When it comes to your target audience, you need to consider their demographics, when they are actively online, and what kinds of keywords they use.

A clear understanding of who they are and what they are searching for online will help you create more strategic ads that convert browsers into patients. Part of this process is conducting research! Sure, that takes time, but money is on the line.

You will want to use Google’s keyword planning tool to help you identify which keywords generate the highest traffic with the lowest competition and the most likelihood that someone will make a purchase. This research will help you use your time and budget wisely! No sense creating ads with keywords that are either never searched for or overused!

2. Determine Your Daily Budget & Set Your Bid
One of the first things Google wants to know is how much you want to spend every day - you can spend as much or as little as you’d like. Some people only want to spend a few dollars a day, while others want to spend hundreds, if not thousands per day. Our recommendation is to start out small and build your way up once you get the hang of things.

As you may or may not know, Google AdWords functions somewhat like an auction, requiring advertisers like you to determine their highest bid.

You will need to determine how much you are willing to spend on each day of your campaign as well as how much you are willing to spend per click. This translates to determining your bid. Think about this in terms of cost per click (CPC). How much are you willing to spend on every person who clicks on your ad? Remember, Google only gets paid when someone takes action and clicks on your offer. Keyword planning tools will help you see what the going rate is for various keywords in a wide range of industries.

Google actually has a Quality Score that will help you know if your keywords are relevant and on target. According to the nifty infographic from WordStream, “Small ad groups and highly clickable ads raise your Quality Score, which lowers how much you pay per click while raising your ad rank!”

3. Create Campaigns & Write Your Ads

Google AdWords organizes your account with different campaigns. A single campaign could have several Ad Groups and a number of ads and keywords. Within a specific campaign, you could have multiple ads that are targeted on a few keywords. Each ad leads patients to a custom landing page. Essentially, you are creating a unique sales funnel for each campaign.

The reason Google organizes things this way is to encourage advertisers to make their ads as focused and relevant as possible. Vague ads don’t lead to people taking action. The Google AdWords platform will walk you through this process, but you can always partner with a company like Outlet Creative Group to help you navigate the campaign and ad creation process.

Once you have determined the goal of your campaign, which services you are promoting, and the keywords you are going to use, it’s time to write your ad! When writing your ad, keep it as focused as possible! The more focused your ad is on one specific offer or service your medspa is offering, the better the chances that viewers will convert. Make your content powerful and leave out any technical jargon that won’t appeal to potential patients.

With every ad, you should have a compelling and clear call to action. Ask your viewer to take action or make a promise that will encourage them to click on the link. Include a link to a specific landing page for each ad - instead of directing people back to your website.

4. Design Compelling Landing Pages

So, you got someone to click on your ad - congrats! That is a huge accomplishment. But now it’s time to follow through. If you just direct people back to your website, you will lose out big time.

The key is to have a landing page that is specifically designed for the focus of your ad. That way, you are giving your reader exactly what they were interested in.

Landing pages allow you to provide a more strategic and driven message than a generic page on your website. Ultimately, the stronger your landing page, the more likely someone is to convert into a paying patient!

As you create your landing page, keep a few things in mind. Don’t ask for any unnecessary information - keep your forms short and simple. Don’t just tell readers what you can do for them, emphasis on the value they will get. What’s in it for them?

When it comes time to ask them to take action, make sure what you want them to do is EXTREMELY clear. A confused viewer will not become a patient. In terms of design, make sure you use colors that are pleasing to the eye, professional photos, and easy to read fonts. Before finalizing your landing page, make sure it is mobile friendly!

At this point, you have taken care of the big milestones of setting up Google AdWords for your medspa! We know that it can feel a bit overwhelming, but just take it a step at a time. Remember, it is perfectly okay to start small. You can always tweak your medspa ads as you go. Beyond getting things in place for a profitable Google AdWords campaign, you will want to think about tracking your results and following up with potential patients.

Feeling overwhelmed by trying to DIY your Google AdWords campaigns? Contact Outlet Creative Group today!

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