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Ideas to Generate More Positive Reviews for Your Medical Facility

Jan 16, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Ideas to Generate More Positive Reviews for Your Medical Facility


In today’s digital world, your online reviews can make or break you – especially in the medical sector.

If your reviews are bad (or you don’t have any at all), you look untrustworthy, out of touch and just plain unsafe – and you might never see a new patient again.

If those reviews are glowing, five-star recommendations, you could have a waiting room full to the brim every day through eternity.

Take a minute to take stock of your medical facility’s online reviews. Are they good? Bad? Could you use a little boost? If so, we’ve got some tips.

Ideas to Generate More Positive Reviews for Your Medical Facility

Create an automated email campaign.

Email is the absolute easiest way to get someone to review your facility. First of all, you can include a handy, clickable link and direct the user exactly to the page or site you want them to post their review on.  You can also include step-by-step directions in the body of the email, so they can refer back to it while they write and post their review. Remember, they’re doing this for you, not for themselves, so you want to make the process as easy and painless as possible on them.

Email is also great because it can be automated. You can configure review requests to go out to all patients (and their family members) one, two or three weeks after check-out, or you can have them go out annually with your holiday cards or other seasonal communications. You can also schedule reminders if your review link isn’t clicked in a certain amount of time.

Automating your review requests eases the burden on your staff, while also ensuring you have a constant flow of reviews coming in year round. This is crucial if you want to look good when potential patients find you online.

Reach out to the families of past patients.

Go back through your files and look for past patients who were very satisfied with their card your facility or were there for an extended period of time – people who had a connection to your facility and likely brought their loved ones around to visit often.

If you have their contact info, reach out to those loved ones and request a quick review. Try email first, as it’s the least intrusive and easiest to use, but if that doesn’t work, consider calling them directly. Ask how their family is doing, thank them for letting you care for their loved one for XX weeks or months, and ask if they wouldn’t mind giving you a review online. If your care and service was up to par, they shouldn’t mind one bit.

Ideas to Generate More Positive Reviews for Your Medical Facility

Talk to current patients and their loved ones.

Are there any current patients who are social butterflies and just love your facility, your staff and all it has to offer? Are there any family members visiting daily or weekly? Stop by their room with a bouquet of flowers, and ask their honest input about your facility. Talk to them about their needs, ask how you can improve their comfort, and see what family members think about the care their loved one is receiving.

If they have a few minutes to spare, ask if they wouldn’t mind putting down those thoughts in a quick online review for your facility. To make it easy on them, bring along a laptop and have the review site up and ready to go. Walk them through the process, and then leave them to privately type out their thoughts and submit the review.

Ideas to Generate More Positive Reviews for Your Medical Facility

Work it into your checkout process.

Make online reviews a part of your final checkout process. When you’re rounding up paperwork, getting signatures and giving final care instructions, have a laptop set up and ready to go. Encourage patients to fill out a quick review before heading home. Offer to have valet pull their car around or to have staff gather their bags while they do so.

If they aren’t willing to write one right away, include a reminder flyer in their checkout folder. They may come back to it in a few days or weeks once they’re feeling better.

Ideas to Generate More Positive Reviews for Your Medical Facility

Offer incentives.

If you really want people to set aside their valuable time to review your facility, consider incentivizing them. For current patients, this could mean a discount on their bill or a special meal. For the loved ones of residents, it might mean extra visiting hours and a private room for their family member.

If you’re reaching back out to family members of past patients, consider incentives not related to your facility – things like restaurant gift cards, coupon books or even cash.

Go social.

Use your social media accounts to request reviews. Chances are, most of your followers already know and love your facility, so who better to ask? Post on your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and ask your fans to head to XX site to review your facility. Make sure to include a link to make it as easy as possible.

You can even run a contest to drum up reviews across social platforms. Ask followers to post a review in a one-week or one-month period. Draw names randomly out of reviews posted in that time, and offer a grand prize for the first name drawn (and a few smaller prizes for second, third, fourth and fifth.) Be sure to make the prizes worth their while, and ask them to submit a photo with their winnings so you can share on social for even more visibility.

Raise those Reviews in 2018

Reviews are vitally important for any modern medical facility. Not only do they play a large role in your online reputation, but they also impact your ability to bring in new patients and attract quality care providers. Want help upping your review game in 2018? Contact Outlet Creative Group today.

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