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Inbound Marketing Through Email For Plastic Surgery Practices

Mar 14, 2016 9:41:20 PM

When you think of email marketing do you think of spam?  Many people do, but the truth is that an email is a valuable tool.  In fact, according to the Direct Marketing Association, it yields an estimated 4,300 percent ROI. Every dollar spent on email marketing offers a return of $44.  Can you believe it?!?!  

Why Is Email Marketing Still Important?

  1. It Works!
    • There are 4.3 billion email accounts in the world.  How is that for an audience! Amazingly, 95% of consumers use email and 91% use it daily. That is a successful tool right there.  Believe it or not, 77% of consumers prefer email marketing and so do marketers because it is highly personal.
  2. It helps close leads into customers.
    • First of all, ensure you are providing valuable content that is helpful and relevant. It is key that you are providing the right content to the right prospective customers at the right time.  If you get this process correct then you have the winning formula for a new customer.
  3. Marketers can use it to delight customers.
    • Once you have a new customer you want to keep them happy.  Email marketing provides the opportunity to send helpful resources to current customers, it is the perfect place to upsell new products, and it's a great way to get personal and just check-in.

How Do You Send The Right Email To The Right Person?

  1. Content and context will help your inbound marketing strategy.
    • Content and context at the right time equal success.  According to HubSpot, 

      "The marketing champs in every industry are the ones who are leveraging context about their audience, leads, and customers in their marketing. For example, a marketer using context would know more about a lead than whether she's B2B or B2C, and her first name. They might also know what industry she works in, what kind of content she likes best, through what channel she prefers to consume content, whether she's currently using another solution to meet her needs, and whether her company has budget at this time of year."

  2. The buyer's journey and your buyer personas are important to sending great emails. These items help outline your audience and help you send email to the right people at the right time.buyers-journey.jpg
  3. Use different types of data to segment your email sending recipients such as geography, company, role in the company, CMS behavior like conversion events, or marketing intelligence such as SEO search terms or social followers. 
  4. Send the correct type of email content that is appropriate to email leads during the proper stage in the Buyer's Journey.  In the awareness stage add blog links, video, or free tools.  In the consideration stage include webinars, case studies, FAQs, or white papers.  Then in the decision stage, you may add free trials, ROI reports, or product demos.
  5. Make sure you optimize your emails for mobile so they don't end up in the spam filter.  Use a responsive email template, large font, and properly sized images.  Most importantly, make sure your message is clear and concise. Also, include a plain-text version of your email and shorten the links in the plain text version so your email is easier to read and has a more appealing look.
  6. Email personalization impacts the success of your email sends. According to Aberdeen, personalized emails improve click-through rates by 14% and conversion rates by 10%.
  7. After the emails are sent you must take the final step to measure the success of the email.  This can be completed by measuring the delivery rate, open rate, and click rate of any CTA's you included in the email.  These measurements will tell you more about your audience and give you more success in the future.

What Does A Great Email Look Like?

  • A great email will have CTA's in the images, links, and even in the signature as a P.S. to get more potential customers to convert.  
  • Always include social sharing buttons to grow your followers or a link to "share this email with a friend".
  • It's always personal.  Personalize the name, company, and make sure the email is coming from a real person and not just your company name.
Here is a great example from Birchbox. 

Birchbox is a company that's fixated on personalization in all the right ways -- and all it takes is one glance at the header of this email to see why it's effective.

By transparently admitting that they took a peek at my sample and purchase history before crafting this email, I already get the sense that what comes next will likely be relevant to me ... and it was. 

what a great email looks like


Well, there you have it, all the best practices for inbound marketing through email for plastic surgery practices and really everyone else out there as well.  If you want to check out more great inbound marketing tips, check out our blog post, "Start A Blog For A Plastic Surgery Practice".  You may also download our free Ebook.


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