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Is Your Small Business A Social Media Ostrich Or Eagle?

Apr 27, 2016 1:38:30 PM

Is Your Small Business A Social Media Ostrich Or Eagle?

I cringe every time I see it; a FaceBook page with its last post dated February 9, 2013.  A blog page that states, "New Blog Coming Soon! March 2012". Then there are Twitter pages whose feed would starve a slug. LinkedIn pages with no profile picture and makes you think the pictorial offender has given up on life. I'm convinced all of these "Ostriches" are just trying to make me come undone. 

Is Your Small Business Avoiding Social Media or Maybe You Just Don't Care?

The truth is you can't avoid it any longer and yet you, as a business owner, continue to do it.  I understand that you don't have time, but it has to be made a priority.  Why? A potential customer is not even giving your postcard the time of day.  Word of mouth has been washed out by the information that is right in front of the face of your next potential customer.  That information is coming from your potential customer's smartphone, computer screen, iPad (is your website mobile responsive?).  It's not coming to them by way of a local radio commercial.

Is Your Small Business A Social Media Ostrich Or Eagle?


Finding The Time For Small Business Social Media

First things first, create the social media accounts for your business on FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. Don't freak out, I'm going to tell you why and how to handle it all. Each of these accounts should link back to your business website and in turn will help your ranking on Google.  That fact should excite you because your potential customers/clients are searching Google first to find service offerings just like the services your business is providing.


What Benefit Does Each Of These Networks Provide Your Small Business?

  • FaceBook - Allows you to easily connect locally and tell a detailed story about your products
  • Twitter - Allows you to reach a wider audience, give quick tips that your business can help with, and a great traffic link back to your website.
  • LinkedIn - This is the Chamber of Commerce of the Internet.  Network; let the business community know what your company is doing and find new talent.
  • Google+ - This one is important although is seems like no one is interacting on the network.  Google is taking notice that your business is active and giving your website a boost due to its social presence.

How To Manage It All

The tools listed below will help you to post to all of these networks at the same time, when you are on vacation, and allow you to see the positive impact social media interaction is having on your business.

  1. Simplify your social media marketing. Look at third-party tools like Hootsuite and Sprout Social to learn more about your audience growth rate, the volume of conversations started, engagement, and influence.
  2. Use automation tools. Check out the tools provided by companies such as HubSpot to automate some repetitive tasks, such as lead generation, follow-up, and SEO. You can also personalize content on a variety of variables, drive conversions, and more. Then monitor your results for better engagement in the future.


Still Don't Have Time . . .

Now it's time to look at your marketing budget.  How much would you spend on an additional administrative employee? Well, marketing online is much cheaper than that.  As a small business owner, you need to look into hiring an Inbound Marketing Agency that will handle your social media marketing, write blog posts highlighting the benefits of your business to the consumer, and take over the headache of your website management.

The time to stop being an ostrich is now.  Let's fly like an eagle!

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