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Medical Marketing Blogs: Continuing the Conversation with Your Patients

Nov 7, 2016 9:17:00 AM


How do you as a doctor contine providing value to your patients after they have left your office?

This is a difficult position to be in when you are possibly making contact once per year or for a set number of visits. A medical marketing blog will enable you to continue providing value but how do you get patients and prospective patients to read that blog? This and the other business benefits of blogging are what we will cover in this blog post.

Blogging is a strategy that will increase your visibility online, How? you ask . . .

Blogging creates pages, upon pages of content for the search engines such as Google to scan and filter for topics your potential clients are searching for. Let's break this down, everytime you write a blog post about one of your services, let's say "get rid of crow's feet," you are creating more content about that service that is connected to your website. Now when Google scans your website it not only sees the listing of "Get Rid of Crow's Feet" on your website but paragraphs containing that same term on another page of your website. The more Google sees you are posting about a specific topic, the more it will begin to view you as a reliable expert on "getting rid of crow's feet."

This reliable reputation you are building with Google through your blogging will get your content moved up in the search engine ranking. An improved ranking means that when your prospective client searches for "get rid of crow's feet" your business name and/or blog article will come up on the first page of Google and hopefully in the first 3 listing of Google search. 

Tip: When you are writing it is important that you use the language your patient would be using to search for a solution to their problem. They know they want to get rid of their crow's feet but they don't know yet that they need Dysport or Botox. 

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Blogging also helps you convert the traffic on your site to potential clients.

The one thing that makes blogging even more effective is a constant conversation with your clients to better your services and understand the goals and objective of your clients’ needs. Allowing visitors on your blog to write comments and questions will help to grow trust between patient and doctor and give you insight into patient concerns. 

  1. Just as you may participate on Real Self, you can and should practice Q & A on your own website through your blog comments section. 
  2. Always end your blog with a question to get these conversations started. 
  3. Always reply to comments in a timely manner. Day of is best.

 For more in depth blogging best practices check out our post, "Start A Blog For A Plastic Surgery Practice."

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