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Pro Tips To Help You Get The Best Social Prospecting Results

Mar 31, 2016 1:36:25 PM

Pro Tips To Help You Get The Best Social Prospecting Results

If you have been only thinking of social media as a promotional tool up until now then you are missing out on huge lead generation benefits. A good thing is that you are here now and we can get you moving in the right direction for successful social prospecting results.

Before you begin to attempt to generate leads on social media ensure that your brand message is consistent across all of your company social media pages.  Your followers want to recognize you easily and not be confused by mixed messages.

Secondly, if you haven't already, create a content calendar.  This will ensure that there is flow and you can create your brand story one post at a time.  Also, give content creators access to the calendar so they know what to contribute when.

It's Time To Turn People Into Leads

Build social content that gets your followers talking to you.  As always, you want to be helpful and a resource for your followers.  Now provide posts that encourage interaction such as:

  • Video - How To's or a product demo
  • Stunning facts about inefficiencies (and how you can fix them)
  • Insights into your company culture

Here's a good tip from socialmediaexaminer.com

Participate in communities. Private LinkedIn groups, Facebook groups, and Google+ communities are conversation hubs that your prospects might be active in. Join the discussion and share some of your expertise when it’s relevant.

Pro Tips To Help You Get The Best Social Prospecting Results


Keep Your Best Content Behind Closed Doors

Have you written and awesome ebook or created a valuable checklist?  Don't just post it on Facebook for all to grab.  Include a link to a landing page in your post so your prospects have to fill out a form to gain access to your content.  It's a win-win; you gain contact, they gain a rockin' resource.


Pro Tips To Help You Get The Best Social Prospecting Results

Keep the flow going by following up your landing page with a thank you page that encourages your visitor to explore more info on your site. Once those social media–generated leads start coming in, say hello to trackable social media ROI.


Magnify Your Following With Social Media Ads

Now that your social media engine is revving, gain speed with focused social media ads.  Twitter lead generation cards and Facebook’s objective-based advertising have successfully repositioned themselves to support revenue-based business goals.

Twitter’s lead generation cards appear as promoted tweets. When a user clicks on the lead generation card, it expands to reveal an offer or sign-up form that is auto-populated with the user’s name, email address, and Twitter handle.

Facebook ads can now track website conversions with offsite pixels. Create an ad that will grab your ideal customers attention with a link to a landing page and a great CTA (Call-To-Action).  This will once again ensure you are collecting prospect info and allow for ROI tracking.

Pro Tips To Help You Get The Best Social Prospecting Results


Optimize Ad Conversion

You may use Google Analytics to do this or if you are lucky enough to be a HubSpot customer you can see all of your stats in your dashboard. 

Now you can clearly see which ad content drove the most leads. To calculate the cost per lead from here, simply use the reporting to determine the spend on each ad creative and divide by number of leads.


Once you have put in the legwork you will begin to see leads coming into your business.  As with all things inbound, you need to be patient.  You may not get your lead generation efforts right the first time but make one small adjustment and it can take off.  To have an easy, step-by-step method, use our workbook, "Social Prospecting: How To Use Social Media To Find New Leads".



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