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PT Day of Service Involvement and Tips for Marketing Your Practice

Sep 20, 2016 9:11:00 AM

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"What if, on the same day, clinicians, students and associated staff of the Physical Therapy profession volunteered in different communities around the world? What if, we then shared those moments and acts in a way that was galvanizing, inspiring, and promoted connections all over the world? What if!?" says Efosa Guobadia, creator of PTDOS.

Your practice can give back to the surrounding community on October 15, 2016 by participating with PT's around the world in Global PT Day of Service 2016.  First, pledge to participate. Then, begin planning what your practice involvement is going to look like and where it will be in your community.

pt day of service marketing


PT's and staff can serve dinner at the homeless shelter, rake leaves for handicapped patients, or even bring a neighbor dinner.  The point is, this does not have to be a big event, sometimes it's the small gestures that truly make an impact on a person's life and begin the "Pay It Forward" ball rolling.

Another option for the future is to become an Ambassador for PTDOS.  For 2016, you may contact a local Ambassador to find large events near you. What is an Ambassador? According to the PTDOS website. . . 

Ambassadors: The heart of PTDOS

"Ambassadors are our grassroots organizers who recruit volunteers, coordinate a service site and help to spread the word about the day. They can act on their own within their community, or they can do so on behalf of their company/university.

When you pledge to serve as an ambassador, you will receive an ambassador toolkit with information on how to set up a service project, pre-written form letters to help you recruit participants, and several more helpful items. The PTDOS team is also always at your service to help answer questions and support your efforts."

Getting involved in your community goes a long way for establishing your brand as one that cares.

A little good PR never hurt anybody, right? In this next section, we’re giving you tips to help expand your brand awareness through community management. From working with local partners to getting customers to interact with you in the online community, don’t miss out on these community management opportunities this PTDOS.

Community Management Ideas

  1. Get involved in your community by donating your products or services to fundraisers at local schools or nonprofits. Or, partner with a local organization and host charitable events at your business. Not only are you being a good corporate citizen, you’re also gaining some brand awareness.
  2. Incentivize customers to give back by hosting food or clothing drives. Team up with a local food bank to collect nonperishable food items or urge customers to bring in clothing and textiles to be recycled, and offer same day discounts at your business. You’re giving back, and you’re establishing your brand as one that cares. Win-win.
  3. Get personal. Post photos of your team members on social media and explain their roles so customers can see the faces behind the business. Putting a face to your company’s name shows what sets you apart—like personalized service—from your big corporate competitors.
  4. There’s strength in numbers, so team up with other local businesses to hold a weekend massage/therapy event. Advertise together and offer special deals, live entertainment, refreshments, and more to make it appealing. (Make sure to let people know about your event via your email marketing and social media channels.)
  5. Run an internal contest to help promote your campaigns externally. Whoever promotes the event on their personal social media account and gets the most likes or shares wins a gift card.
  6. Encourage user-generated content (UGC) on your online channels. It’s a great way to get people engaged with your brand (and it’s free!). An easy way to get things rolling is to ask fans to post a photo of themselves giving back to the community using a specific hashtag. Consider coupling your UGC efforts with a contest— like a special offer or a gift card.

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