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Remarketing: What is it and is it Right for Your Medspa?

Jul 25, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Remarketing: What is it and is it Right for Your Medspa?

Have you ever noticed when you’re shopping online that whether you make a purchase or not, for the next several days you see ads throughout your newsfeed for the same exact thing you had been researching? You’ve probably thought, how does the internet KNOW I was looking for that? Well, this is not just a coincidence, and it isn’t voodoo. It’s called remarketing.

Medspas are using remarketing campaigns to target potential patients who are actively searching for their services. Remarketing essentially pinpoints people raising their hand and signaling that they are interested, then delivers them a way to take action immediately. Let’s dig into the details of what remarketing is and discuss if it is right for your medspa.

What is Remarketing Exactly?

According to
Google, “Remarketing lets you show ads to people who've visited your website or used your mobile app. When people leave your website without buying anything, for example, remarketing helps you reconnect with them by showing relevant ads across their different devices.”

We all know that frustrating feeling when someone visits your website and looks into a few treatments your medspa offers but then leaves before taking action. You’re left wondering, what happened? Did they like what they saw? Why didn’t they contact me? How do I encourage them to take the next step?

The truth is, people like to do a lot of research before selecting a medspa. There is no question that as people are searching, they get distracted and forget to follow up. Remarketing allows you to gently remind those people who have shown interest in the services you offer and hopefully guide them toward making a purchase.

Remarketing tools, in essence, tag browsers and strategically show them your ads. Instead of showing your ad to thousands of people who may or may not be interested in medspa services, remarketing allows you to narrow your audience to a more targeted group of people who have already expressed interest in learning more about your medspa treatments.

What Kind of Remarketing Ads are Right for Medspas?

There are several types of
remarketing ads you can create with Google AdWords. Each one has a different approach to tapping potential patients on the shoulder and reminding them of your medspa.

Standard Remarketing:

These ads will show up when past visitors are on standard websites or apps - not when they are using search engines like Google. These ads will show up when they are reading blogs, browsing Facebook, etc.

Dynamic Remarketing:

This type of ad lets you get more specific with which ads you are showing to which potential patients. These ads will focus on the specific services that patients viewed on your medspa website instead of just focusing on your medspa as a whole.

Remarketing for Mobile Apps:

Given the importance of mobile websites and the increasing number of medspas who have apps for their organization, this type of remarketing is growing. These ads will be shown to people who have used your mobile app or website as they interact on other apps or websites.

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads:

Most consumers will do a fair amount of research before selecting a medspa. After they leave your website, it is important to follow up with them so they don’t forget about you as they research other medspas. These ads will be shown to past visitors after they have left your website and as they continue their search.

Video Remarketing:

As the use of video continues to grow in the medspa market, more and more organizations are using video remarketing ads. This allows you to show ads to people who have watched your video or interacted with your YouTube channel in some way. Ads will show up as your potential patients browse Display Network videos, websites, and ads.

Email-list Remarketing:

To make your Google AdWord campaigns even more targeted, email-list remarketing allows you to upload your list of approved patient emails to Google’s Customer Match tool. Instead of showing your ad to a large pool of people, it will be shown to the specific people on your list whenever they are signed into Google Search, YouTube, or Gmail.

Remarketing is Right for Your Medspa if You Want to:

As you look to get more out of your marketing dollars, remarketing ads are proving to be a method that increases ROI and strengthens engagement. Here are a few signs that remarketing is right for you!

Reach People When They are Most Interested:

The best time to target potential patients is shortly after they have expressed interest in your medspa services. Whether they were watching your YouTube videos, reading your services page on your website, or using your app, remarketing gives them a little nudge to take the next step.

Create Customized Remarketing Lists:

There is no question, having a specific goal behind every ad campaign is extremely important. With remarketing, you can customize your lists to achieve specific goals. If you want to reach people who were on a specific medspa services page, you can create an ad for that. If you want to target people who left before completing your Contact Us form, you can also do that. You can take the information you have on your potential patients and create ads geared toward their position in the sales funnel.

Gain Detailed Insight into Results:

The last thing you want to do when deploying multiple remarketing ads is to ignore your analytics. Google AdWords provides in-depth reports of how your ad campaigns are performing. You can find out how many people are seeing your ads, where they are showing up, and your bid price. This allows your medspa to keep a close pulse on what is and isn’t working.

Using Google AdWord’s remarketing tools are proving to be a fantastic investment for medspas, dollar for dollar. Your medspa can target potential patients who have already indicated interest in your services. Given the in-depth insight Google provides into people’s actions online, you can create unique ads that will show up to specific groups of people based on their search and browsing habits. Instead of wasting time and money playing a guessing game as to who is seeing which ads, use your resources wisely by using remarketing as your go-to advertising tool.

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