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Senior Living Event Marketing

Feb 13, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Senior Living Event Marketing


Event marketing is a great way to drum up interest in your senior living facility, as well as boost its visibility in the public eye.

You can also leverage event marketing to establish your facility as a trustworthy expert in your field – one they can rely on to handle their important health questions and care for the family members and friends they love so dearly.

Want to get started using this valuable tool? Here are some ideas to help.


Ideas for Senior Living Event Marketing in Your Community

The goal with senior living event marketing is to inform, educate and involve the community – to make them aware of your offerings, your facility and the things you can help them and their loved ones with.

There are dozens of events you can host that do this, but here – in our experience – are some of the more effective options:

Senior Living Event Marketing

Host (or sponsor) a local health fair.

Ideally, you want to host this on-site, so visitors can see your facilities as they peruse the vendors, but if there’s already a community health fair established and in place, sponsor the event and rent out a booth or table instead.

If you’re starting the event from scratch, get with other local health providers and experts, and team up to cover all possible bases. Bring in doctors, nurses, med spas, dentists, cardiologists, diabetes specialists and, of course, some of your memory care experts. Try to make the event as interactive as possible with free testing, hands-on activities and maybe even games and prizes. You want your audience captive and interested through and through.

You should also consider selling commonly-needed senior products at your fair as well. Things like catheters, vitamins, supplements, syringes and pill organizers are must-haves for many seniors, so call around and see if you can get related vendors on board for your event.


Senior Living Event Marketing

Set up a learning series.

There are loads of health and care-related issues that seniors and their loved ones struggle with. Consider setting up an educational series or various classes that address these concerns. Utilize your own staff and experts for as many classes as possible, and bring in outside resources when necessary. Try to host the series on site in one of your conference or meeting areas.

Here are some potential subject ideas:

  • Dealing with memory issues, Alzheimer’s or dementia
  • Making the home safe for elderly living or for those with disabilities
  • Financial planning and retirement savings options
  • Medication management
  • Health insurance, Medicaid and Medicare topics
  • Heart health and diabetes education
  • Scam, fraud and identity theft protection

Make sure to get the word out to the public about the series by contacting local news outlets, posting to local websites and promoting the event on Facebook and other social media platforms. Community centers may be able to post flyers on their bulletin boards or feature you in their monthly newsletters, so check there, too.

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Schedule regular open houses.

Open houses are a great way to get community members in your doors so that they can experience your facility for themselves. They can interact with your staff, ask questions and even meet real-life residents.Consider offering food, drinks and maybe even entertainment to keep your guests active and engaged as they tour your facility.


Senior Living Event Marketing

Create support groups.

There are many senior-related issues that can be hard to deal with – both for family members and the seniors themselves. Support groups can offer them a place to voice their concerns and get the advice and guidance they need to handle these sensitive issues. Consider creating  support groups for:

  • Dementia/Alzheimer’s patients (and their loved ones)
  • Hospice patients
  • Cancer sufferers and survivors
  • Widows/widowers

Enlist a professional therapist or healthcare professional to lead the groups, and work with local doctors and hospitals to market your offerings. They may be able to refer patients your way when a diagnosis or issue occurs.


Bring in an estate planner.

Creating wills, setting up trusts and appointing powers of attorney can be confusing and overwhelming for most seniors, and unless they have a law degree, DIYing it may have serious repercussions. Help ease the stress of estate planning by hosting regular estate planning workshops. Have an estate planning attorney work with attendees on their wills, and make sure every person appoints a power of attorney – both a medical and financial one – before they leave the workshop.


Senior Living Event Marketing

Host speakers, authors and experts.

Get a pulse on the senior community, and try to find out what local aging adults are interested in. Are they loving a certain book series? Following a certain diet? Big fans of history or art? Once you know what they’re into, see if you can bring in some experts in those areas to come speak or do an autograph signing. Authors, artists or local historians are all great choices, as are community members with specific expertise (i.e. the nearby zoo’s bird keeper or a local chef or musician.)


Celebrate the holidays.

Everyone likes celebrating the holidays — and many seniors don’t have someone to do that with. Consider hosting an event for major days like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day and Veteran’s Day. Include a meal, music, dancing, entertainment and maybe even a theme guests can get into and enjoy. Get the word out on social media or by working with local newsletters, senior centers and websites. The more seniors who know about your event, the better.


What’s Your Next Event?

In senior living, event marketing is one of the best tactics around. Not only can it get people in your doors to see your facility and meet your staff, but it can establish your business as the go-to resource for the senior community. Do you want help working event marketing into your 2018 efforts? Contact Outlet Creative Group today.

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