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Stay Top Of Mind: Delegate Your Social Media Management

May 1, 2016 5:26:09 PM

delegate your social media management

Once your clients walk out the door, they probably don’t think about your business again until it’s time for their next appointment or they need a situational fire put out. Staying top of mind with your clients is essential for generating new referrals. A simple email or note saying thank you can instantly bring your business back to the forefront of their mind. Add in social media consistent reminders and increased awareness and you have the possibility of more referrals. 

Revving up your social media accounts takes a few steps to turn fans into customers.

  1. Build an audience of engaged Facebook fans
  2. Drive inbound traffic to your website through valuable posts
  3. Turn that traffic info qualified leads by collecting contact info on landing pages
  4. Nurture those leads into customers through email and automation marketing

Stay Top Of Mind: Delegate Your Social Media Management

Below we will get into how to do each of these steps, but if this sounds like too much of a "time-suck" for you then I suggest hiring an Inbound Marketing Agency.

Delegate Your Social Media Management To Recieve These Bonuses . . .

Consistency. Consistently posting to your social media accounts and updating your website is vital to building an audience of engaged fans.  An Inbound Marketing Agency will ensure that the proper content is being created for your ideal clients and will nurture those prospective clients with relevant posts and updates.

One Less Headache.  By handing over your website and social media content you will rest well knowing you are in good hands with people who are executing best practices to get your sales people truly qualified leads.

Customer Happiness. Your current customers will be impressed that your business has finally adopted social media and you are using it to communicate through eBooks, checklists, blog posts, webinars.  They will feel secure knowing you care enough to keep them top of mind and well informed.

Referrals. Those happy customers will begin to advocate for you through good old word of mouth, sharing your social posts with family and friends, and forwarding your contact info via your handy mobile responsive website.

- The best news of all is that inbound marketing costs 62% less that traditional marketing. -


Still want to pursue it on your own? OK, here's how:

Get noticed on Facebook

  1. Make sure your page is filled with searchable info such as an overview of your business and a link to your website.
  2. Upload your email contacts and invite them to "like" your page.
  3. Incorporate Facebook into your online communication channels - website link, email signature - or offline on your business card, office window sticker, etc.
  4. Create value for your desired customers through your posts and blogging.
  5. Pay for Facebook Advertising.  Create your ideal audience, ad timeline, and budget within Facebook.

Stay Top Of Mind: Delegate Your Social Media Management 

Create Lead Generation Content

  1. Ebooks, white papers, guides - "Home Safety Guide" or "How To Overcome Retail Customer Erosion"
  2. Templates - try somethings fun like a holiday ecard 
  3. Checklists - "How To Get The Most For Your Trade-In"
  4. Blog posts - Anything that provides value to your customers
  5. Webinars - "You Don't Have To Pick Between Lifestyle and Coverage Needs"

Strive For Comments, Likes, and Shares

“When we post product-focused content with sales-focused calls-to-action, we may generate qualified leads, but we only generate a handful. When we post educational or entertaining content about inbound marketing as a whole, we generate tons of leads, because we reach more people, and give ourselves the opportunity to warm them up to the idea of doing business with us without shoving our software down their throats.” 

– Brittany Leaning (@bleaning) - Social Media Manager, HubSpot

Pay To Play - Advertise

There is no free lunch and in reality, Facebook is a business.  They have changed their feed so business must pay to get a good spot in the news feed.

  1. Create an ad with a link back to your website.
  2. Make the copy fewer than 90 characters so that it won't get cut off.
  3. The link title should be no longer than 25 characters
  4. Make the description no longer than 3 lines.
  5. Include an image that is 1200 x 627 pixels


Stay Top Of Mind: Delegate Your Social Media Management

In The End, Remember To:

  • Focus on helping people. B2B is still P2P – person to person.
  • Create content that makes your target audience’s job easier. Then, create interesting posts to promote that content on Facebook.
  • Post a balance of direct and indirect lead gen content.
  • Have an engagement goal for each post.
  • Tell your audience what to do by including a clear call-to-action in your posts.
  • Experiment. Some of our most engaging posts were unexpected.

And if all else fails, hire an Inbound Marketing Agency.


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