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Steps for Successful Content Marketing for Your Website

Jan 23, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Steps for Successful Content Marketing for Your Website


In our current digital landscape, there are few tactics as effective as content marketing.

Not only can it raise awareness of your brand, but it can also help with search rankings, improve your online reputation and foster brand loyalty easily and without too much financial investment.

Are you using content marketing for your website? If you are, is it consistent? Is it optimized for SEO? Is it targeted toward your unique audience segments?

If not, use this guide to implement Steps for Successful Content Marketing for Your Website for 2018.

Steps for Successful Content Marketing for Your Website

  1. Decide on your focus and get to know your audiences.

What’s the overall goal of your content marketing? Is it to increase traffic to your site? To get more qualified leads? To convert more leads to paying customers?

In all honesty, it should be all three – but remember, each of those user groups is going to have very different goals when they read your content. One is simply looking for information and learning about the products and services out there for their needs. One is actively looking for products. And one is ready to hand over their cash and buy now.

Take time to get to know each of those unique audiences, and commit to creating a content “funnel” for each individual one. The best, most effective content is timely, informative and relevant to where a user is at in the sales cycle, so you’ll want to customize every step after this to the unique audience segments you’re targeting.

Steps for Successful Content Marketing for Your Website

  1. Create a content plan.

What type of content will you offer? More importantly, what kind of content will your customers want? Make a list of all the content you plan to produce – blogs, articles, ebooks, online quizzes, social media updates, web copy and more – and assign a frequency to each one. How much will you publish weekly, monthly or quarterly?

Create a Google calendar (the best choice because you can collaborate on them with other users!) and jot down publication dates for each piece of content you want to produce this quarter. Work backward to put in copy submission deadlines, dates the content needs to be to your graphic designers and webmasters, and more. This will help keep your content production on track and consistent.

Steps for Successful Content Marketing for Your Website

  1. Align your resources.

Once you have an idea of how much content you’re creating and on what schedule, it’s time to get your back-end resources in order. You’ll need copywriters, editors, graphic designers (for infographics, images, etc.), a webmaster to post your content and, ideally, a SEO expert to advise on best practices for search engine optimization.

If you don’t have the staff to accommodate all this, that’s OK. Consider outsourcing to freelancers or contractors. Look to sites like Upwork, Freelancer or Fiverr for affordable freelance providers, and be sure to only assign one task type to each freelancer. You don’t want your writer also creating your infographics, determining your SEO strategy and editing their own work. Have clearly defined roles, deadlines and expectations for each person you hire. This will ensure a seamless workflow and consistent quality content production.

Steps for Successful Content Marketing for Your Website

  1. Develop your content.

Once you have your resources in order, it’s time to get to work. Start by brainstorming potential topics, and add them to your shared Google calendar. Be sure to pick the brains of your team members; if you’ve chosen experienced pros, they should have insights that can help you devise thought-provoking topics, catchy headlines and informative, conversion-driving copy.

Then, get to work. Assign your writers their topics, and get your SEO expert to provide potential keywords for each piece of content. Direct your team on your desired workflow, and show them how, when and where to submit their work. Configure alerts/reminders on your calendar, so no one misses a deadline.

Steps for Successful Content Marketing for Your Website

  1. Publish and promote.

As soon as your team starts cranking out content, get publishing. Post your blogs, articles, ebooks and other content to your website, and draw attention to it by promoting it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media accounts. You can also add a sign-up form to your website, where people can subscribe to email updates every time you update your blog. (Hubspot and other content automation tools make this easy.)

Make sure to have a process in place for promoting your content, too. I recommend posting on social media once when the content is initially published, then scheduling a few updates over the next few weeks and months (using different verbiage and imagery) to gain more traction. Hubspot and tools like TweetDeck and HootSuite can help with post scheduling.

Steps for Successful Content Marketing for Your Website

  1. Measure and analyze.

Finally, the only way to ensure your content marketing strategy is effective is to measure your results (and analyze them) on a regular, consistent basis. You can use tools like Google Analytics to look at clicks, page views, unique users, bounce rates and time spent on the page, and publishing platforms like Hubspot have plenty of built-in analytics tools as well. Be sure to look at these areas often to see where your content is underperforming, so you can make adjustments and course correct on future publications.

You should also track your SEO rankings and see how your content strategy is impacting those. If you don’t see your rankings steadily climbing, work with your SEO expert to ensure you’re targeting the right keywords, in the right frequency for the users you’re looking to reach. Good SEO takes constant tweaking and consistent new content production over time.

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