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Successful Facebook Ads for Your Plastic Surgery Practice

Oct 25, 2016 9:10:00 AM


It seems everyone and their mother is jumping on the Facebook bandwagon for marketing purposes nowadays.  With over 1.71 billion monthly active users worldwide, it’s a no-brainer to get on this marketing train.  Facebook’s user-friendly interface and tools make it easy for just about anyone to create ads that market their business.

How are Facebook Ads applicable to Plastic Surgery Practices?

Plastic surgery procedures have become more acceptable and more mainstream in recent years.  Many celebrities and public figures openly acknowledge work they’ve had done and these acknowledgements are often posted on social media. 

People spend a lot of time on Facebook, so what better way to reach out to your prospects than through a channel where they can easily see photos, read reviews, interact, ask questions and get answers all in one place? Learn more here...

But as with any other marketing strategy, there is a definite science to creating the most successful Facebook ads. In this blog, we will focus on the Page Post Link Ad, which is the most popular and most ideal type of ad compared to Photo, Video and other types of Facebook ads.  Using information and excerpts from The Science of Successful Facebook Ads report, we will break down the most important features needed for creating a successful Facebook ad that can be applied to marketing your Plastic Surgery practice.

When creating a successful ad, two main criteria must be met:

  1. Have a great design
  2. Target the right audience

A typical Facebook Link Ad has the following components:

Typical FB Ad image.png


Headline Length

The median headline length is just 5 words long.

  • These short headlines keep well within the character limit, using up just 10% of possible space on average.
  • The limited space and a short headline forces you to get to the point of the ad.
  • Short headlines grab attention and make customers click to find more information.
Headline Length image.png


Examples of short, but effective Headlines include:

  • Top 5 Questions about Rhinoplasty
  • Beauty on a Budget
  • Silicon vs Saline Implants
  • Is Botox right for me?

Text and Description Length

The median length for ad post text is just 15 words.

  • The median link description is slightly longer, at 17 words, just 35% of the character limit.
  • These limits mean you have to keep all your text tight and to the point.
  • Clear text attracts people to the ad and lets them click through to your site to learn more.
Text and Description Length image.png

Best Words to Include

You/Your, Free, Now, and New are the Top Words.

  • You/Your: our brain is activated by hearing or thinking of our own name and ourselves.
  • Free: this is the ultimate word for any viewer of an ad. Include it in an ad and it’s almost guaranteed to catch the eye.
  • Now: this creates scarcity in the reader’s mind and urges them to action.
  • New: using this word is a great way to show you are offering something fresh.

Audiences are naturally drawn to these words. Using these words in ads means you have a natural advantage over all other advertisers.

Most Popular Words image.png

Use buzz words to market special offers or gain attention from prospects such as:

  • “Free” consultation
  • “Win” free units of Botox
  • Look and feel your “Best”

Using Sentiment

Sentiment analysis studies the emotional content of text.  The current study found that most ads are sentiment neutral.

Most non-neutral Facebook ads show a slightly positive tone. However, when sentiment was used the following results were found:

  • Positive ads use words such as ‘capable’, ’top’, or ’yummy’ to elicit good emotions in the audience.
  • Negative ads can work as well, and ads for news items or charities often emphasize negative emotions.

Popular Sentiment image.png

Use positive sentiments that relate to health and beauty:

  • Look and feel “great”
  • Instantly look “younger”
  • “Safe” and “effective” treatments

Least Popular Sentiment image.png

 Use negative sentiments in areas people want to change:

  • Get rid of “unwanted” fat
  • Erase “mistakes”
  • Fix “stubborn” areas
  • Smooth out “wrinkles”

Use of Numbers

48.1% of all ads contained a number in the headline, description, or text.

  • Most numbers were rounded (1, 10, 100, 1,000, ...)
  • Examples of numbers could be:
  • percentage (“20% off”)
  • monetary (“$10 discount”)
  • lists (“Top 10”)
  • boasts (“#1”)
  • social proof (“Join 100,000+ people”)
Popular Numbers image.png


This could be a good way to offer statistics about the following:

  • Top procedures
  • Percentage of Success
  • Satisfaction Scores

Using Links

65.7% of ads include their domain URL

  • Use this opportunity to include your domain URL and drive further people to your site.
  • Use links as a way to include further text or a tagline
  • This is a great opportunity to advertise your domain and brand.
Most Popular Links image.png

Include Call to Action (CTA)

The Top CTAs are ‘Learn More’, ‘Shop Now’, and ‘Sign Up

  • ‘Learn More’, ‘Shop Now’, and ‘Sign Up’ are all used significantly more than any other call-to-action,
  • Including a call-to-action (CTA) button in your ad makes it easy for a user to click through to your site to learn more about your product.
  • A CTA shows your audience exactly where on the ad they should click to get the information.
  • Any CTA that is specific to your product or service is worth using.
Call to Action image.png

Examples for your practice might include:

  • Contact Us
  • Schedule a Free Consultation Today
  • Get answers to your questions now

In Conclusion...

Your target audience is using social media to research procedures, get answers for different options and select the best surgeon for their plastic surgery needs.  With a well-planned social media strategy, using the most effective Facebook ads, you will optimize your chances of targeting the right audience with the right information that will help to gain more potential patients.


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