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Turning Calls into Consultations: How to Use Digital Marketing to Close the Deal

Mar 6, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Turning Calls into Consultations: How to Use Digital Marketing to Close the Deal


Getting a call from a potential patient is often just the first step on a long road to closing the deal.

Undergoing a plastic surgery or cosmetic procedure is a big decision for most. It comes with serious life changes and, depending on the service, maybe even a big price tag, too.

For these reasons, many people take their time with the decision. They spend months mulling over the pros and cons of the surgery. They pore over reviews and testimonials to find the right doctor and facility. They squirrel away funds to help pay for their procedure paycheck after paycheck. They talk with friends, loved ones and colleagues.

For a provider, it can be frustrating to receive a call, only to hear crickets for the weeks or months following it. Not only does it feel like a waste of time and resources, but it can also leave you wondering, “What did I do wrong?”

Fortunately, in most cases, hope isn’t lost. The interest is still there. All you have to do is tap into it – and digital marketing can help.

Turning Calls into Consultations: How to Use Digital Marketing to Close the Deal

Step 1: Get them on your email list.

Every time you have an interested patient on the phone (or your inbox) get their email address and put them in your system. Get them set up on an automated email funnel that can nurture that lead over time.

Hubspot is a great tool to set up these email funnels, which are often referred to as “drip campaigns.” You’ll set up content to go out every week or month (dripping out over time), to remind them you’re there, to give them information and to slowly, but surely draw them back in. It’s a great, hands-off way to nurture a lead without a whole lot of time investment or hassle.

Step 2: Empower them with information.

Use your email campaign to empower your potential customers. Create content that informs them and answers their questions. They’re likely worried about money, so send one email that outlines the insurance plans you take, as well as any financing options you might provide. They could be concerned about quality of care or health issues, too, so share details of your team’s professional qualifications, reviews from past patients and maybe even videos of your doctors discussing your most frequently asked questions. Anticipate the potential hurdles stopping them from making an appointment, and use your content to address those concerns and dispel any myths or misnomers.

Step 3: Give them value.

Every email you send should deliver some sort of value to your potential patients, be it monetary or just informational. Whether you’re sending them discount codes for half-off products or a free webinar on choosing the right procedure, they need to feel like they’re getting something from you in order to stay engaged and interested for the long haul. Just like any relationship, the customer-business street should be two-way!

Turning Calls into Consultations: How to Use Digital Marketing to Close the Deal

Step 4: Engage them elsewhere.

You should also include links to your social media in each email you send, and encourage your leads to follow and interact with you on those platforms. You may only send one email per week or month, but if they follow you on social media, that gives you a chance to connect with those leads on a daily basis instead. And in the end, that means more chances to convert them and close that deal.

Step 5: Try to get them in the door.

The real door of opportunity opens when you can get a potential patient on site and in your facility. Consider hosting an open house, and inviting all your leads to come out and see your space, meet your team and explore the services you offer. Be sure to provide free food and drinks to as an extra incentive.

In addition to open houses, you can also host speakers, hold informational sessions and classes, or even offer free tours. The main goal is to get them in your doors, so you can impress them and put their fears to rest in person.

Turning Calls into Consultations: How to Use Digital Marketing to Close the Deal

Step 6: Don’t lose touch.

Sometimes, it just takes time for a lead to become a paying patient, so make sure to stay in touch – even if it’s been a few months or even years since you’ve heard from them. Chances are they’re still interested; they just have one or two hurdles to get over before they convert. Make it a point to check in on occasion, and be sure to alert them anytime you have a sale or special going on. If money is their challenge, this can certainly help get them in the door.

Other Digital Marketing Tactics that Can Help

An email campaign isn’t the only way to turn calls into consults. Social media is a great digital marketing tactic that can help bring in leads and convert them to sales, and SEO is another sure-fire method for driving traffic to your website – and hopefully your doorstep.

You also might want to consider setting up a blog. Blogs can:

  1. Improve your SEO efforts and search engine rankings.
  2. Generate leads and traffic.
  3. Establish you as a trusted expert in your field.
  4. Provide resources for new and potential customers.
  5. Build brand loyalty.
  6. Encourage interaction and sharing.

When combined, these digital marketing tools give you a full-service, one-stop shop that generates leads, nurtures those leads, converts them into paying customers and, finally, fosters brand loyalty and repeat business from them. Want help getting your practice started with digital marketing? Get in touch with Outlet Creative Group today. Our team is here to help every step of the way.



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