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Types of Facebook Ads: Which Kind is Best for Your Campaign?

Nov 21, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Types of Facebook Ads: Which Kind is Best for Your Campaign?

One of the best things about Facebook ad campaigns is that they’re adaptable.

They’re not cut-and-dry in terms of content, reach or engagement, and you can manipulate just about every element of them, from their imagery, text and placement down to the exact age and gender of the audience you want them to reach.

You can even choose unique “objectives” for each of your campaigns, so they’re perfectly aligned to help you meet the goals and milestones you’re aiming for.

And choosing the right objective? That’s crucial to seeing results, so let’s examine each type of objective – as well as which situations you’d want to use them for. This can help guide your campaigns and maximize their impact.

Awareness Facebook Ads

Types of Facebook Ads: Which Kind is Best for Your Campaign?

Objectives come in three categories – awareness, consideration and conversion, each one with different subsets. An awareness objective is designed to generate interest in your brand or the products or services you sell.

Awareness objectives come in two sub-categories: brand awareness and reach. Here’s what each means:

  • Brand awareness – By choosing a brand awareness objective, you’re saying you want your ads to simply tell people your brand is out there or that you sell X product or X service. According to Facebook itself, this objective “is a way for advertisers to show ads to people who are more likely to pay attention to them.”
  • Reach – A reach objective does exactly what it sounds like: help your ads reach the absolute maximum people possible. This is a good default objective if you’re not sure what else to choose, as it exposes your brand to the largest share of your set target audience.

Consideration Facebook Ads

Types of Facebook Ads: Which Kind is Best for Your Campaign?

Consideration ad objectives are designed for people a little bit further into the sales funnel. Instead of just raising awareness of your brand, consideration ads try to push potential customers closer to a sale – maybe toward visiting your website, installing your app or giving you their email address.

There are five unique consideration objectives to choose from:

  • Traffic – When you choose a traffic objective, your campaign will be optimized to drive Facebook users to your website or app. You will need to include a link in your ad in order for this objective to work.
  • App installs – This objective will help encourage installations of your brand’s mobile phone app. When a user clicks the ad, it will send them to their phone’s respective app store where they can purchase or download the application.
  • Engagement – Engagement objectives can help you achieve a number of They can encourage more likes, shares and comments on the ad posts itself, they can drive users to your Facebook page (where they can like and follow you), or they can boost attendance of an upcoming event you’ve posted. You can also use them with Facebook offers, if your brand has created one.
  • Video views – Another self-explanatory one, the video views objective is designed to maximize the number of people who watch your Facebook video. (Be sure to check out my last post – a comprehensive guide to Facebook videos.)
  • Lead generation – This objective helps you collect information from potential sales leads – things like their email address, phone number or other contact data you can use in other marketing strategies.

Lead generation ads are one of the most powerful types of consideration ads, as they give you fodder to use later on in additional, more personalized ways. Here’s how Facebook explains them: “Lead ads let people show their interest in a product or service by filling out a form in the ad with their details and allowing a business to follow up with them.”

Conversion Facebook Ads

Types of Facebook Ads: Which Kind is Best for Your Campaign?

The third type of objective you can choose for Facebook ad campaigns is the conversion objective. Conversion objectives aim to inspire action – to get users to purchase a product, visit your store or contact you directly, among other things.

There are three types of conversion objectives:

  • Conversions – Choosing this objective will encourage more Facebook users to visit your website or app and complete some sort of designated action. You will need to have the Facebook pixel installed to enable conversion tracking on your site, though. Use this guide if you’re not familiar with the pixel.
  • Catalog sales – Want to more people to buy a certain product from your store or catalog? This is the objective you’d choose for it. Catalog sales ads allow users to browse certain products or photos of a product, click your ad and shop the item directly and immediately. It’s a great way to speed up purchases and encourage more impulse buys.
  • Store visits – This objective is for driving physical, in-store foot traffic. It’s ideal for reaching local, geographically close potential customers and encouraging them to visit your brick-and-mortar location to make a purchase.

A Fourth Objective

Technically, there is a fourth objective available out there for Facebook ads, but it’s only accessible for certain pages and brands. Called the “messages” objective, it is meant to encourage more Facebook users to contact your brand through the Facebook Messenger app to ask questions, voice concerns or get assistance with the buying process.

According to Facebook, message objectives are still in the roll-out phase, so if you don’t see the option when setting up your campaign, don’t fret. It should show up soon enough.

Choosing the Right Objective

Sometimes, your goals might align with more than one objective. While you can’t choose multiple objectives for a campaign, you could opt to A/B test two separate, smaller campaigns instead. This will allow you to see which objective is most effective at driving results, so you can hone in on a better, more revenue-boosting strategy to use in future efforts.

Do you need help choosing the right objective for your next Facebook ad campaign? Contact Outlet Creative Group. We’re here to help.

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