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Use Instagram Live to Generate New Patient Leads

Feb 21, 2017 2:53:04 PM


Using Instagram Live video as a lead generation tool for your plastic surgery practice will help you stay one step ahead of your competitors. In this blog post, we will discuss 3 ways to use this tool and best practices for Instagram Live. Read on to learn

  1. How to move leads through your sales funnel with service or product features
  2. Capture lead contact information through a contest
  3. Expand your email list via question capture forms

Why Use Instagram Live Video for Lead Generation?

You may already know that Instagram Live videos aren’t hosted on the platform.They are immediately deleted after each live session. So you may be wondering why you would waste your time creating disappearing marketing. Well, as a medical practice, you have the option to send the disappearing videos to individual customers and groups using Direct Message; how awesome is that! By tapping the “Arrow” icon at the bottom right. Select groups or people and click send. The sent video will appear as a circle at the top of your direct inbox. A tick on the circle shows that your message was successfully delivered.

Now you have a marketing piece that people can view at their leisure. As for the "live" video itself, your followers will receive a notification that you’ve started a live video, and they can see you’re live in the Stories section. If your videos gain popularity, Instagram will feature the top live videos from public profiles in the Explore section, which can boost your visibility beyond your followers without you having to pay for it.

If you have never played with video before, here is a quick read about how to use Instagram Live. 


how to move leads through your sales funnel with service or product features

Instagram Live is a great way to generate excitement for a new product, service, or event. You can use the live video feature to give a sneak peek into your new offices before a grand opening or encourage ordering of a new skin care line. 

After the sneak peek, ask viewers to sign-up for more information on your website via a form or direct them to your products page to order skin care. Tip: Include a discount code in your live video. This approach gives your live video an element of exclusivity, which can encourage people to act immediately, increasing the number of leads you get.



Capture lead contact information through a contest

Instagram live video is a fantastic lead generation tool, especially when you use software such as HubSpot to help capture lead information. When you have a contest, use Instagram live video to promote your contest and drive engagement. For an in-depth explanation on how to create a contest on Instagram, you may read our blog post, "Complete Guide for an Instagram Photo Contest for your Business."

Social Media Examiner supplies some great ideas for how to use video to promote your contest:

  • Preview prizes before and during the contest to generate excitement and boost entries.
  • Showcase entries after the contest is over. To share entries, you might read comments out loud or take a video of the photo entries on another screen.
  • Simply talk about the contest and remind people it’s happening.
instagram live stories

Expand your email list via question capture forms

Q&As are a popular subject for live videos; they offer value to your patients and allow a prospective patient to get to know your staff and doctors. When you promote a Q&A before the broadcast request that users submit questions ahead of time via a form on your website. This way you can gather their name and email address in exchange for their question being answered.

Another great bonus of gathering email addresses is that you may now email all interested parties a reminder to tune in before the video goes live. Can you say increased engagement!?

This type of video will work best if the doctor or service provider themselves are doing the video and not a staff member who has been instructed on how to answer the questions.


Live Video Best Practices

To get the most leads from your Instagram live video, there are a few best practices to keep in mind:

  • Announce the live video beforehand. Instagram live is there and then it’s gone. Although plenty of users do opt into push notifications that let them know you’re broadcasting, you should still announce the live video on Instagram.
  • Increase viewership of your live story by cross-promoting it on multiple platforms before it starts.
  • Use relevant hashtags to boost visibility and make it easier for a relevant audience to find you. Also, announce it on other platforms to increase viewership.
  • Test sound and video quality before you go live. Record a brief (regular) video through the Instagram camera, watch it, and then delete it. Check for background noises. Also, make sure the background itself is clean, with no clutter or anything you don’t want viewers to see.
  • Keep the content exciting and upbeat to match the platform. Choosing content that’s upbeat and fun to watch keeps people tuned in. This is essential because you can’t share the video later. If you have valuable content, make sure someone else is recording from another device so you can reuse the content.
  • Go live at peak activity times. This is extremely important. Since your Instagram live content only exists as long as it’s actually being broadcast, be sure the largest number of people will see it. Afternoons and early evenings are often times when plenty of users are online. (source: social media examiner)

Just like Facebook Live, you can use Instagram Live videos to promote your medical practice, give Q&A sessions, increase sales, and increase patient engagement. The possibilities of what and how you do it are up to you!

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