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Website Design Trends for Medical Marketing in 2018

Dec 19, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Website Design Trends for Medical Marketing in 2018

 Your website plays a major role in your medical marketing efforts. It’s where you drive potential leads, it’s what converts those leads into paying customers and, ultimately, it has a serious hand in your bottom line.

But how much have you really invested in that website over the last few years? When’s the last time you updated it, save for a few blog posts here and there? When did you last have a professional designer refresh it in light of current trends and consumer expectations?

If you’re like most medical organizations, you just haven’t had the time to tend to your website, and it has sat stagnant for the last few years, getting older, more outdated and more of a detriment to your revenues every day.

This New Year’s Eve, make updating your website your 2018 resolution – and use these current website design trends to guide the way:

Bright Colors

Website Design Trends for Medical Marketing in 2018

Gone are muted pastels and boring blue, black and white color schemes. Today’s websites are going bolder and brighter, attempting to catch the user’s eye right off the bat instantly and easily. They’re also leveraging more white space to draw attention to those bright colors and really give them room to shine.

Expressive Typography

Typography – or the fonts your website uses – has now become a full-fledged part of design. Instead of huge graphics and images, fonts are taking center stage on today’s modern websites, with unique colors, styles and artistic designs doing all the talking. Typography is even taking the place of age-old buttons and clickable headers, making website navigation cleaner and easier every step of the way. And since fonts are quicker to load than bulky images and photos, it also makes your site load faster – a huge benefit in our fast-paced marketplace.

Chat Bots

Website Design Trends for Medical Marketing in 2018

If you don’t have the resources to staff a full customer service team, chat bots can help you manage the needs of your web users without too much overhead or weight on your to-do list. Here’s how it works: a customer comes to your website, and a little box pops up in the right-hand corner. An agent asks, “Is there anything I can help you with today?” The user can simply hit the minimize button if they don’t need any assistance, or they can type their questions or concerns right in the box. The “agent” then uses information you’ve provided it to help answer the customer’s question or guide them toward a resolution. If they’re not able to help, they can give the customer directions on how to contact your team directly.

Pro tip: On Facebook but don’t have time to staff that either? Facebook Messenger also has bots now, too, allowing you to answer customer questions via Facebook even when you’re not online. There’s even a “discover” feature that lets new customers find you via the app.

Animated Logos

Earlier this year, Facebook let users choose profile videos, rather than static images as they’d had in past years. It seems this feature is spreading across the web, with brands now adopting animated logos – a “video” logo, of sorts, instead of a stagnant image or icon. The result is a more interactive brand on the whole – one that integrates better across all platforms, including social media and on mobile apps.

Scroll-triggered Cinemagraphs & Animations

Cinemagraphs are the new gif. Somewhere in between a static image and an actual video, cinemagraphs are basically short, moving pictures – similar to those seen the in Harry Potter movies. They’re a great way to capture a user’s attention right off the bat, or to draw people in at certain conversion points in the sales funnel. They can even be programmed to start rolling when a user scrolls to a certain area on the page, engaging and exciting the consumer even further. Check out this example and this one to see what I mean.

HTTPS Security

Website Design Trends for Medical Marketing in 2018

In the wake of hacks like Equifax’s and Uber’s, web design is taking a serious turn toward security – and customers are demanding it. Years ago, having an SSL (secure socket layer) on your site was just a mere option, but today, it’s a downright necessity. An SSL gives your site an HTTPS address and can protect information that’s transmitted via the web – including personal information, payment data, email addresses and more. An HTTPS address is vital if you want customers to trust your website – or doing any sort of business with it.

Sticky Elements

Because so many people access the web from their mobile phones nowadays, website designers are adding “sticky” top and bottom elements to allow for more efficient browsing. These elements can be clicked using a phone’s touch screen, letting the user hop to the bottom or top of the page instantly. It saves time (a huge deal for today’s on-the-go consumers), and it makes more a more efficient browsing experience overall.


Website Design Trends for Medical Marketing in 2018

As the Internet of Things takes over, and connected fridges, thermostats and things like Amazon Echo and Alexa become the norm, websites are having to adapt, and many designers are programming them to interact with connected devices with ease. Seeing as 2018 will likely see even more IoT devices hit the market, this can be a great way to ensure your brand stays relevant and on the cutting edge for years to come.

Stay on Trend in 2018

When’s the last time you refreshed your website? Was it years or even a full decade ago? If so, it’s time for a facelift. Website design trends are ever-changing, and as your biggest marketing tool in the arsenal, it’s crucial your site stays on par with those trends – as well as current customer expectations. Do you want help ensuring your site stays on point with what today’s consumers expect? Contact Outlet Creative Group today.

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