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What Kind of Email Marketing Messages Drive Patient Conversions?

Mar 15, 2017 9:16:00 AM


When it comes to marketing, most medical practices are concerned with their return on investment (ROI). But before measuring your ROI, you need to know your conversion rate. So, what exactly classifies as a conversion and how do you use email marketing to increase your conversion rate?According to Hubspot, your conversion rate is “the percentage of recipients who clicked on a link within an email and completed a desired action, such as filling out a lead generation form or purchasing a product.”

When it comes to email marketing, tracking your conversions is the best way to see how your campaign is doing. Hubspot further explains “The higher your conversion rate, the more relevant and compelling the offer was for your audience.” At Outlet Creative Group, we’ve found that the number of conversions a campaign generates depends on the message and goal you are trying to achieve.

A potential patient will only take action on an offer if you deliver personalized and focused content on a consistent basis. The meat of your message and the timing of its delivery are important. An email campaign needs to logically build upon itself and lead your potential patient through the sales funnel. So what does that actually mean? 

Email Marketing Messages that Will Help You Drive Patient Conversions

1. A Welcome Series - Cultivate the First impression

When you first meet a potential patient, and they join your email list, you have a lot of work to do. The first few interactions are crucial to forming a quality and profitable relationship. According to a BD Ventures, you want to use this email series to introduce people to your brand, organically build trust and credibility, and finally, thank them for following along with a compelling offer. We’ve expanded on their ideas to give you a clearer picture of how your medical or plastic surgery practice could use each type of email.

What Kinds of Email Messages are in a Welcome Series Email Campaign:

  • Welcome: The goal of this message is to deliver a nice greeting welcoming your potential patient to your exclusive club. You also want to share info that differentiates your practice from your competition. Give readers a reason to follow along and a way to find out more information!
  • Your Story: Potential patients are curious about your business and are interested in building a connection with you. Tell them your story! Why are you in business? Why are you passionate about your work? Stepping out of your comfort zone and getting a bit more personal is a good idea.
  • Your Value: What services or solutions do you offer? Present this information in terms that are easy to understand and in a way that is focused on the services/solutions your patients are looking for! Speak their language, not yours. Make sure this message is more focused on the results your services will get your patients, not the benefits of your services.
  • Social Proof: Whether it’s through before and after pictures, testimonials, or patient stories, give your new followers a reason to believe what you offer truly works!
  • An Exclusive Offer: Now that you’ve built trust and started a relationship with these new followers, give them an opportunity to make a purchase by sending an exclusive and limited availability offer! Since it is still early on in your practice-patient relationship, don’t make this a huge offer, just a small purchase to get them started.

2. Lead Nurturing Series - Build Trust

Once you have used the Welcome Series to introduce your brand and services to potential patients, it’s time to nurture those relationships. For some practices, it takes several email campaigns and multiple “touches” with your potential patients before they are ready to make a purchase. This series of emails will help you develop more trust with your audience and bring them closer to taking action.

What Kinds of Email Messages are in a Lead Nurturing Series:

  • Thank You: Everyone loves to be appreciated. When it comes to signing up for an email list, most of your followers receive multiple emails a day. We want to make sure they know you respect their time and their inbox. Your first message in a Lead Nurturing Series should be to remind them of what your brand stands for, how they can contact you, and show you appreciate their attention.
  • Next Steps: When it comes to making purchase decisions, most of us want to be told what to do. When we have too many options, we simply do not make a decision. Use this email to clearly articulate what your patient can do next to get the outcome they want. If they want to know about a specific procedure, what should they do? How do they set up a consultation? Be clear and to the point!
  • Social Proof: If you have successfully segmented your email list, you should be speaking to a very specific audience of potential patients. Show them examples of people who have chosen you as their medical or plastic surgery practice and the results they achieved. This type of message can be sent multiple times throughout your email campaign.
  • Limited Stock: Create a compelling offer and message that reminds your audience there are a limited number of spots available, and they should take action now if they want to be included. This kind of message can create urgency and can inspire conversions.
  • Offer Value: One thing you will want to do consistently in any email campaign is to offer highly valuable content. Ending with this type of email can remind your patients that you’re not all about the sale. Offer them free tips and tricks to help them overcome relevant challenges. If you’re a plastic surgery practice, you could answer the top five questions you receive about eyebrow lifts, etc. Or better yet, offer them a free tutorial on an at-home facial that does not require them to purchase anything through you.


3. Sales Pitch Series - Close the Deal

While we prefer to focus on offering value and building relationships, at some point, you need to make a sales pitch. There is no need to fear presenting an offer to your potential patients - in fact, they expect it! A Sales Pitch campaign is geared toward creating opportunities for your ideal patients to take action and make a purchase.

What Kinds of Email Messages are in a Sales Pitch Series:

  • Here's the Problem: Push yourself to identify the problems your potential patients are facing. Having segmented lists will help with this. Tap into that pain point and articulate why they need to take action to solve the problem. Present your services as the solution.
  • Opportunity for Gain: The message in this email should clearly articulate how your readers will benefit by choosing you as their medical or plastic surgery practice. What tangible value will they gain?
  • Logical Appeal: While humans are an emotional species, we also rely on logic-based decisions. Help your potential patients prepare to make a purchase by using logical arguments, research-based proof, and satisfied patient testimonials in your messages. Position their choice to make a purchase with you as the only logical decision.
  • Fear of Missing Out: Recently coined as “FOMO,” the idea is to create a message so compelling, your potential patients feel an urgency to make a purchase so they don’t miss out. Highlight the negative outcomes that may occur if they do not take action. This can be as simple as increased prices, limited availability, or more in-depth like health-related repercussions, etc.
  • Follow Up and Follow Through: Sometimes your potential patients simply need a friendly reminder to take action. If your potential patients engage with your emails but ultimately don’t take action, send gentle reminders asking them if they have done XYZ, or if they are still interested. Give them an easy way to take action or make the purchase (direct links to scheduling a consultation or a way to opt-in to whatever promotion you’re offering).
There are a lot of ways you can approach email marketing campaigns for your practice. The key is to have a goal in mind, understand where your patients are in the sales funnel, and tailor your content to their unique needs and interests. One of the best parts of using email campaigns to drive conversions is you only have to make these email messages once. You can then create automatic drip campaigns that send the messages to the audience you have identified automatically over a certain number of weeks or months.

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