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What Qualifies Outlet Creative Group as Medical Marketing Specialists?

May 10, 2017 11:29:16 AM


As a doctor growing your practice, you have no shortage of competition. As a website design and full funnel inbound marketing agency, we at Outlet Creative Group know about working within a competitive industry. I'm sure you have seen many marketing websites, emails, or Instagram ads for medical marketing companies. So what makes us unique?

When it comes to inbound marketing we have the skills to excel in many industries, but we cater exclusively to the medical industry. We have found that a targeted focus has many benefits. Over the years our CEO, Courtney Boatin, has worked with Johnson & Johnson, Health Fitness Corporation, and IU Medical Center. This background lends a deeper understanding of what delights our clients and more importantly, what delights their clients.

In short, we understand the challenges of medical marketing like no other inbound marketing agency.

How does this insight into the medical industry benefits your medical practice?

Outlet Creative Group Knows Medical Marketing

Your prospective patients are inundated with marketing messages day after day. We are experts at cutting through the noise by personalizing every "touch" your practice has with a prospective patient.

It begins with Smart Forms on your website so repeat visitors aren't treated like strangers.

Second, we move on to Email Marketing personalized with names, interests, and needs.

Lastly, we want the ultimate conversion to a new patient. With our software you can view every personalized step that has been taken with a patient so your conversations and appointments don't have to start from the beginning. Your new patient arrives at your office already feeling at home.


Outlet Creative Group Knows Medical Practice Digital Advertising

Getting your marketing message across to prospective patients is difficult when you are competing against your established competitors budget. Outlet Creative Group uses best practices in keyword research to explore what is going to get you noticed on the web and get clicks to your website. 

We specialize in Google AdWords campaigns, Facebook and Instagram advertising, and setting up your website for new patient conversions. This type of cross channel marketing is the best for gathering new patient leads and getting your practice noticed.

Lastly, we support this advertising with blogging, email marketing, and social media posting so your message is congruent across all touch points.

outlet creative group medical marketing

Marketing Fun with Courtney Boatin, CEO, Outlet Creative Group


Outlet Creative Group Knows Medical Marketing Analytics

Return On Investment is what it all comes down to and we provide you with monthly analytics demonstrating just that. Our unique full funnel software allows us to track all of your marketing campaigns and digital advertising which in turn allows us to tweak campaigns and ads that are not performing as expected. 

This gives your a better ROI and success all around!


Start Growing Your Practice with Medical Inbound Marketing

At Outlet Creative Group we understand medical marketing Iike no other agency because it's all we do and where we come from. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help get your practice stand out from the rest. 


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