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Who Wants To Double Lead Generation From Your Email?

Jun 11, 2016 2:26:49 PM


You Do? That's awesome! It is possible to double your lead generation in 30 days when you follow the process put forth in these two lessons. We all have common goals with our emails. We want our contacts to open our emails and share them with their peers. Here's how to make that happen...

Get Them to Open Your Email

What if your existing contacts are not opening your emails? It is the painful truth that your existing contacts are not seeing the value in your emails. It's time to change things up and take a fresh approach. The goals of your emails should be for your existing contacts to open your email, click on the content you have provided, and share it with their peers.

1. Customize your preview text.

This is an excellent way to express the value of the email. If you are not customizing, your content will be pulled from the beginning of your email and look messy. Plus, you will be missing out on your first opportunity to promote the value of your email.





Get Them to Share Your Email

Your emails should be integrated with social media to get maximum exposure to new contacts. Use a content calendar to ensure your posts are supporting the prospecting emails you are sending out. If prospective customers/clients can come across supporting resources to your email the trust relationship, that you so dearly want, will begin to grow.

For existing contacts, it's a different story.

1. Remove Social Icons

In research conducted by HubSpot, they found that adding social sharing links in each email was ineffective and very few people actually clicked on them. Instead, they tested adding an ‘email to a colleague’ button which saw much greater results.

By giving them clear instructions as well as being clear about what they are clicking on is a much more appealing CTA than just having a few icons at the bottom of the email, which most people ignore.




2. Include a Click to Tweet.

Another way to get people to share your email content is to provide a click to tweet option. Use your best judgment concerning which group of existing contacts this would be effective. Some contacts may see it as too spammy.

For those ideal contacts, you may use a free tool called "clicktotweet" which allows you to write the content of the tweet and include a link to your landing page within it. You then just add the link to your email and make it really clear that you want people to click on it to share your content on Twitter. By showing them the pre-populated text, it will make it more appealing to click on. Provide a good tweet that they would be happy for their network to see coming from them. This again ties back to value and growing the trust relationship.



3. Segment and Use Smart CTAs.

CTA or Call To Action is an element that should be included at the end of each and every email. This could be as simple as a question, "What time is good for you to talk on Monday?" or as complex as a graphic button encouraging a Sign-up for a Free Product Demonstration.

Begin this process by segmenting your database before an email send, you can get really clever about the CTA that you show each list. For example, HubSpot has a list of "Evangelists" who love HubSpot and love sharing their content online, but haven't been qualified for their sales team yet. Instead of showing them a CTA for a demo or a free trial, HubSpot uses a smart CTA that simply asks them to share the content with their social networks.

After following these processes you are now on the road to better lead generation success. Be consistent with your email quality and prospecting and you will begin to see lead generation growth in 30 days. Go Get 'Em!


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