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Why an Office Manager Isn't Equal to a Marketing Manager

Aug 6, 2016 9:23:33 AM

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You hired your office manager because they are awesome, a life-saver, a jack-of-all-trades. While they may know how to do everything around the office they may not be the expert you are looking for to promote your business, no matter the size.

You may want your office manager to take over marketing duties so you can save on employment costs but in the end it can cost your budget more in mistakes and unproven ad spend than it's worth. 

Change in your business has brought you to this decision. Your company has reached a critical juncture: you’re either growing beyond your ability to keep up, you’re stagnating, or, gasp.. you’re shrinking … you need help. Your sales force requires leads and they need to either close that business immediately, or access an automated system for long-term cultivation. It’s time to decide. Should you hire a marketing agency.

What You Get From A Marketing Agency

First, if you hire a marketing agency you can eliminate your cost of employing marketing personnel, which must include salary and benefits.

Second, other than providing overall strategic direction and product expertise, you won’t need to manage the operational duties of marketing production, nor worry about training for and usage of software support.

When you hire a marketing agency, you should assume that you are getting both senior-level marketing professionals plus a wide-range of skill sets at that firm. When picking agencies, some companies worry unduly about product knowledge, and try to find vertical industry firms, but the reality is that your employees should have more than enough product/service knowledge to provide guidance and copy edits, and your marketing agency should provide you with an outside viewpoint on where to find, and how to talk to your market.

How A Marketing Agency Proves ROI With Inbound Marketing

Companies that utilize inbound content platforms and offer buyer persona driven content see a 45% increase in the volume of Sales Accepted Leads (SALs). (Kapost) Inbound marketing agencies know how to properly nurture leads and hand them off to your sales team. This expertise makes for a better buyer experience.

44% of brands that use marketing automation software see ROI within 6 months, while 75% see ROI after one year. (Groove Digital Marketing) Consistency is the key to success with inbound marketing and when you have an agency dedicated to your brand you can count on the job getting done. It is difficult for a business owner or an office manager to find the time to blog multiple times per week, manage all social channels, plan a proper marketing strategy each quarter, and develop marketing campaigns that garner results. An all-in-one marketing platform allows for consistency in your brand and coordination of your marketing campaigns across all platforms. 

Companies that use advanced lead management solutions see a 9.3% higher sales quota rate. (CSO Insights) Marketing agencies obviously provide marketing success but they also increase the success of your sales department.  Read more how "Smarketing" adds to your business success.

Companies who have prioritized business blogging are 13 times more likely to enjoy positive Inbound Marketing ROI. (HubSpot) Blogging may seem trivial to business owners who don't have a full understanding of the incredible traffic results it can produce.  At OUTLET Creative Group, we have seen a consistent 40% increase in client website traffic from blogging 2x per week. This traffic is not just a number but traffic from ideal customers. Writing blog posts targeted at your ideal customer equals increased sales.

Inbound Marketing ROI is becoming increasingly evident because customers buying habits support it. On top of that, Inbound Marketing is cost effective compared to traditional marketing methods. 

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