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Inbound Marketing Tips

Facebook Videos 101: All You Need to Know for Your Business


Marketing is all about video nowadays.

Brands are using bite-sized videos on Snapchat and Instagram to increase visibility, improve engagement and even clinch sales, and companies from all sorts of industries are leveraging video ads on YouTube, Hulu and other popular streaming services to expand their audiences.

It’s no wonder why, either.

Video has a way to transport a consumer – to excite them, to engage them and to make them feel a part of something. And with the rise of mobile devices and the shortening attention span of today’s youth (just 8 seconds, according to stats) videos are often the easiest and most digestible way to reach a target audience.

If you’re not on the video bandwagon with your brand just yet, it’s not too late to hop on. And the best place to start? That’d be good old Facebook.

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9 Mobile SEO Mistakes You Have To Avoid


The number of people who use smartphones and tablets to access the Internet has long surpassed that of desktop users. Whether they’re checking their emails, posting their latest Facebook statuses, or simply browsing websites, many people have completely taken to doing all these things on their mobile devices, and their number only seems to be growing by the day.

It isn’t surprising then that SEOs are now moving heaven and earth to make their websites mobile responsive. It is, after all, the logical thing to do if they want their site to reach the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs). With Google now considering responsiveness as a ranking signal, there is no better time  to adjust your SEO strategies to make them more mobile-friendly.

For all their efforts at accommodating mobile users, however, SEOs still make mistakes that they eventually pay for dearly in the shape of lost traffic and plunging rankings.  Listed below are nine of those mobile SEO mistakes which you should avoid at all costs.

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The Ultimate Facebook Toolkit



There’s no doubt that Facebook plays a big role in business nowadays.

What was once a simple platform for connecting with classmates has now become a must-have marketing tool for modern businesses. You can advertise with it. You can communicate with customers using it. You can use it to generate leads, improve SEO and even clinch sales.

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in or what demo you’re targeting, Facebook should play a major part of your strategy.

In the Ultimate Facebook Toolkit we will cover:

  • Setting Up Your Facebook Business Page for Traffic and Engagement
  • The Anatomy of a Great Facebook Business Post
  • Creating a Facebook Posting Schedule for Your Business
  • A step-by-step guide for creating your first Facebook Ad {link
  • Facebook Business Page Insights 
  • Video for Facebook {link}

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Creating a Marketing Game Plan for your Senior Living and Homecare Company


We're knee-deep in football season, and it got me thinking: coaches have to create game plans for their teams every week.

They break down their goals, they analyze the competition, and they outline the steps it will take to reach those goals—together, as a team.

Shouldn't we be doing the same thing as marketers?

Obviously, most of us don't have the time or bandwidth to create a new game plan each and every week, but we can certainly create larger seasonal and annual campaigns—and then update and refresh those as things change and the weeks go on.

So ask yourself, do you have a marketing game plan in place for your senior living and homecare company? Do you know what your goals are and how you're going to reach them in the coming weeks, months and years? With 2018 right around the corner, the time to get your game plan in gear is now.

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The Ultimate Dictionary for Inbound Marketing Terms


Riddled with acronyms, abbreviations and portmanteau, inbound marketing terminology can be hard to decipher—even for the most experienced of marketers.

Don't let it send you running for the hills, though.

Despite its seemingly mumbo-jumbo jargon, inbound marketing is actually quite the accessible strategy. Want to understand today's most successful marketing approach, but can't translate the lingo? We're here to help.

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Q4 Content Creation: How to Generate Content for Your Blog


By now, most business owners know that content plays a big role in today's marketing world. It has the power to improve visibility, draw in qualified leads and, ultimately, convert those leads into tangible sales and customers.

But creating that content? Generating new, quality deliverables week in and week out? That's where the difficulty lies—especially for time-strapped professionals.

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Local Marketing for Medical Practices: 4 Steps to Get Found by Nearby Patients


When it comes to marketing for medical practices, broad, far-reaching efforts just won't cut it.

In order to increase exposure with people who can actually, physically become paying patients, medical marketing initiatives need to be expertly targeted and, more importantly, highly localized.

That means not just launching a fly-by-night PPC campaign for a handful of randomly chosen keywords, nor does it mean investing in one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter SEO or social media efforts.

The fact of the matter is simple: If you want to reach patients who not only need your services but are located close enough to use them, your initiatives need to be geography-based through and through.

Here's what that looks like:

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The 5 Cs of Successful Plastic Surgery SEO


The web sure has grown over the last decade.

In 2007, just under 122 million sites were in existence. Today? Statistics show there's more than 1 billion—not to mention a whopping 3.2 billion individual users. 

That's a lot of potential visitors—and also some serious competition.

So how do you stand out from the crowd? How do you make sure your site is found, visited and consumed by those users? More importantly, how do you ensure those visitors are viable, potential patients for your practice?

 The answer's pretty simple: SEO.

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