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Reputation Management

reputation management

Online Reviews

Every senior living facility and plastic surgeon knows that reputation has always played a huge role in their ability to attract new patients to their medical practice. But as the internet has ushered in the age empowered patients, comparison healthcare shopping, and active social media use, peer reviews are playing a larger role in the path to treatment than ever before.


By keeping active tabs on reviews across all of the major platforms out there (e.g., HealthGrades, Yelp, RateMDs, Vitals, etc.), doctors can quickly address any negative feedback that comes through, thereby mitigating its potentially negative effects. In some cases, responding to a negative review directly can actually turn it into a net positive — 60% of survey respondents said it was important for doctors to respond to a bad review.

Make It Easy

It’s entirely possible to transform the reputation management online review phenomenon from a barrier to success into a legitimate competitive advantage.

Outlet Creative Group provides review monitoring for over 70+ listing sites and Healthcare specific sites. The first step in this process is ensuring your information is listed correctly. Try our site scan below to see how you are listed.

Why Reputation Management?

A 2016 survey conducted by SoftwareAdvice found that 84% of patients who responded use online reviews when evaluating physicians. What’s more, 47% of respondents said they would opt for an out-of-network physician with comparable qualifications to an in-network provider if the former had more favorable reviews.

As the importance of these reviews continues to increase, physicians need to be proactive about managing their reputations online. This requires a nuanced understanding of how, when, and where patients are using these reviews. 



 reputation management

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