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Social Media Marketing

social media marketing

Social Media Marketing + You

When was the last time you watched a commercial on TV? 86% of all commercials are skipped by consumers by either fast forwarding (DVR), changing the channel or a variety of other reasons. This is important to note because if you don’t understand your market and do not give them engaging information, they will just skip over your efforts, be it your website, social media sites or any other form. Social media marketing can and should be a huge part of your overall marketing plan. It generates steady income for your practice from current and potential patients, increased visibility, and brand awareness and helps your overall marketing efforts both online and offline.

social media marketing

Algorithm changes, new platforms, advertising; we've got this.

Outlet Creative Group strives to offer the most up-to-date services for our clients that will yield the highest return on investment. We understand that you are told multiple different “stories” of what is and what is not right. We also understand that the most important part of your decision is your return on investment. As you have heard from all companies, social media marketing is the most difficult service to actually quantify – unless you are working with a company that knows how to prove the success. We have developed numerous different and measurable metrics that allow you to truly know if your social media marketing efforts are actually working for you or not. When you consider the value of social media, you need to understand there are different segments of what makes it successful. That includes the actual patients driven to your office, current patients reminded about your practice, increased placement on search engines, brand awareness, and clientele building. Those are just a few of the metrics we use to measure the total success of your social media marketing with Outlet Creative Group.